Keep Your Friends Close – Paula Daly


Keep Your Friends Close was published on 21 May 2015 by Corgi and is available to purchase here

Shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger for Best Crime Novel of the Year

From breakout thriller writer Paula Daly, the story of a husband and wife and the devious best friend who comes between them.

Natty and Sean have a rock-solid marriage—with two daughters, a successful business, and a beautiful house, they are a model family. When their younger daughter falls ill on a school trip, Natty rushes to her side. Luckily, Natty’s best friend from college, Eve, is visiting and offers to stay with Sean to lend a hand in the household. But Natty returns home to find that Eve has taken to family life a little too well: Sean has fallen in love with her. With no choice but to put on a brave face, Natty attempts to start anew—yet no matter how hard she tries to set herself upright, Eve is there to knock her down again. Then Natty receives a mysterious note that says Eve has done this before—more than once—and the consequences were fatal. On a mission to reveal Eve as a vindictive serial mistress, Natty must navigate through a treacherous maze of secrets and lies that threatens her life and the safety of her loved ones.

My thoughts

Natty and Sean have been married for years. They have two daughters and live in the beautiful Lake District. One of their daughters has an accident abroad, which takes Natty away from home. Her long term best friend offers to help. Natty returns to find her friend Eve has fallen for her husband and life is very different. Did Natty ever really know Eve? And who is Eve?

This is such a fun read and another winner from Paula Daly. Totally recommended. It is a modern day morality tale of what might happen if you trust the wrong people and get complacent in relationships.

I loved how Eve managed to get her hooks into Sean. She is a baddie with attitude and I was rather on her side. He did come across as a bit of a wimp. We never really got his perspective on things. Natty was great, as the woman with a disintegrating life on a mission to get to the truth.


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  1. crimeworm says:

    You were on Eve’s side?? Hmm there’s more to you than’t meets eye Christine (my Northern accent attempt!) Agree Sean was a total wimp though!

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