Three Steps Behind You – Amy Bird



Three Steps Behind You was published by Carina on 13 March 2014 and is available to purchase here

Dan and Adam have always been close. In fact, they’ve been closer than Adam could ever guess. And if Dan’s going to get that close again, it will take time. It will take research. It may even take practice. Fortunately, Dan is a very patient person – and Adam trusts him. With his house key. With his secrets. With his wife… But as Dan gets closer, someone is watching. Someone who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth… and seek revenge. It’s only a matter of time before danger steps out of the shadows. Dan has his sight fixed on the future; perhaps he should have kept one eye on what lay behind?

This chilling psychological thriller from the author of Yours is Mine explores love, obsession, and betrayal, and asks: can we ever really know another person?

My thoughts

Dan is a slightly strange sociopath, who is in love with his best friend Adam. Dan is a great believer in method acting and applies that principle to his writing, creating an alter ego to explore his fantasies. We hear lots from this other self and also sample his creative genius. The plot follows Dan and his dark creepy obsessional thoughts and actions!

For those of us who love a dark read, this is just perfect. Dan is fascinating and strangely likeable, in his weirdness. He is very much an anti hero. There are very funny moments, where the author’s dark humour comes out. I loved that and laughed out loud. A clever read!!!! The ending made me smile.

It reminded me a bit of ‘Dexter’. An anti-hero you fall in love with, despite the fact that he breaks all the normal mores of society. I like a dark hero and I love the whole theme of obsessiveness. It is easy to relate to. Let’s face it, we all have a little bit of Dan in us. We have all been obsessed with something in our lives.



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