Monument to Murder Kate Daniels #4 – Mari Hannah


I love discovering new authors and reading everything they have written.  This year, I discovered Mari Hannah, thanks to twitter. Whenever anyone mentions a book or a series, I tend to look it up and see if it’s my kind of read. This time, I got lucky and found a series that I really enjoyed reading. I now know where Northumberland and Northumbria are.


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This is the latest Kate Daniels story and it packs a punch. 

There are two story-lines that converge. One features Daniels investigating the remains of children that have been found at Bamburgh beach. Her team moves down there to investigate. We also get drawn into the plot of prison psychologist Emily and her daughter. Emily has been widowed and is struggling getting back to her work-life in the prison. She is dealing with a prisoner, who no one else seems to see as potentially dangerous.

This is such a fantastic read. I particularly was drawn to the Emily plot. I couldn’t wait to find out how it would all work out and who was the murderer. 

I do love Kate Daniels and her complicated love life. It makes me smile. The conversations between Kate and her ex Jo are brilliant and have a realistic feel to them. And I am very fond of her side kick, Gormley. The beauty of this series is how well you get to know and love the characters.

A great series!!! I particularly recommend reading them all, one after another. I absolutely cannot wait to read whatever Mari Hannah writes next.


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Reviewer with a mind of her own. This is a collection of book reviews, which started in 2014. Mostly crime and odd other genres thrown in. Some I loved. Some I loathed. You get the picture.
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