The Kill – Jane Casey (Maeve Kerrigan 5)


The Kill was published on 20 November 2014 by Ebury Press and is available to purchase here

Maeve Kerrigan is used to investigating murders.But this time a killer has struck far too close to home…

When a police officer is found shot dead in his car, DC Maeve Kerrigan and DI Josh Derwent take on the investigation. But nothing about the case prepares them for what happens next: a second policeman dies . . . and then another . . .

The Metropolitan Police struggle to carry out their usual duties, but no one knows where or how this cop killer will strike again. While London disintegrates into lawlessness Maeve’s world starts to fall apart too. For if the police can’t keep themselves safe, how can they protect anyone else?


My thoughts

Last year I discovered Jane Casey’s wonderful Maeve Kerrigan series. After consuming them all at rapid speed, I have been waiting impatiently for more Maeve and Derwent. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in, once the new Maeve book had landed on my kindle.

This time the action starts with the death of a police officer, who was by all accounts an unhappily married man. Maeve and her fellow officers are looking into his background, and discovering who would hold a grudge. Then there are further deaths of servicing officers, and it starts to look much more complicated. At the same time, Superintendent Godley is going down-hill mentally, with his life falling apart. Maeve also has to deal with relationship issues.

This is such a clever, well written series. Casey has created a brilliant pairing in Maeve and Derwent. Their witty conversations are a joy to read. No wonder I have a huge crush on Derwent. He might be a bit of a sexist dinosaur, but he is a breath of fresh air. There are lovely moments of comedy, usually from Derwent and sad poignant times in the book. I never wanted it to end.

Absolutely brilliant. Totally and utterly recommended. This is one unmissable series.



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