The Judas Scar – Amanda Jennings

Published May 2014

Will and Harmony’s seemingly idyllic marriage is left shattered after she loses a baby she didn’t realise she wanted. While at a friend’s party, she raises the subject of trying again, and Will s reaction leaves her hurt and confused.

Removing herself from the crowd, she encounters an enigmatic stranger whose advances she rejects, only to later discover that the handsome man is Will’s childhood friend from boarding school, Luke.

When Will, struggling to confront the culture of bullying that marred his childhood, reveals a secret too painful for her to bear, Harmony is left caught between the husband she loves and the promises made by an obsessive stranger…


My thoughts

This is a story about two men, Will and Luke. We meet them both as successful adults. Both seem to have it all. Will is seemingly happily married to Harmony, living a middle class lifestyle and Luke is a lawyer. When Luke returns into Will’s life, the past comes back to haunt them both.

I had mixed feelings about this book. I wasn’t impressed with how easily Harmony was able punish her husband, by having an affair. And I couldn’t understand how someone could be married for such a long time and keep secrets about their past. I found Harmony hard to relate to and rather selfish.

The most interesting characters were Will and Luke. I wanted to know more about them and what had damaged them both as children. For me, the book was at its strongest and at its most poignant, when the jealousy, abuse and revenge themes were explored.

Overall I thought this was quite an interesting tale of coming to terms with past tragedies. I would have liked it to be much more dark, with more emphasis on the men.





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