Claire McGowan – The Dead Ground


Book two in the new crime series featuring forensic psycologist Paula Maguire working in the missing persons unit in Northern Ireland, in a nail biting story that will keep you up all night

My thoughts

After finishing ‘The Lost’ , I was desperate to see what happens next to Paula McGuire and to read more Claire McGowan. Once again, this book is set in Northern Ireland. It follows a complicated story about missing and stolen babies in the locality. Paula offers her insight, as they track down a baby taken from a maternity unit. 

A few weeks have past since ‘The Lost’ and Paula has a challenging decision of her own to make. This makes Paula very endearing to the reader. She could be any of us, making a decision about her personal future. Once again, we see her torn between two men, her ex from years ago and her married boss. Personally I would go for the boss.

I found this a very powerful read, that touched nicely on women’s rights and pro choice in an Irish context. I wouldn’t have anticipated a book with a focus on babies and pregnancies would interest me that much. Normally it doesn’t. However it was cleverly done and I felt a great deal of empathy for all concerned. This was an excellent read. Highly recommended. I hope we get more Paula McGuire stories, in the future. 


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