Surrogate – Tim Adler #blogtour Review


Surrogate is now published by Basket Media from 5 March 2017 and is available to purchase here

How much is your child worth?

That’s the question Hugo and Emily Cox must answer when they get a ransom
demand for their child – from Alice, the surrogate mother they paid to carry
their baby.

The police are helpless. No law has been broken — the
baby belongs to their surrogate. And Hugo has a secret he’s keeping from his
wife that makes their search even more desperate.

Now Hugo and Emily must find their missing
daughter… even if it costs them everything they own.

Fans of Elizabeth Haynes, Sophie Hannah and Mark Edwards will love this
gripping and fast-moving thriller.

My review

Today it’s my turn to be a part of the ‘Surrogate’ Blog Tour!!! Wooohooo!!! I was delighted to take part in the blog tour and to discover an exciting new author.

Hugo Cox is a high flier in the city, in the world of insurance. He is wealthy, posh and used to paying for what he wants. He meets the artistic Emily. They fall in love and marry in a rather whirlwind fashion. They decide to have a family and discover that Emily has fertility issues. Going down the surrogate path seems like a simple, financial solution. They decide to pay someone to have their baby. This sets off a chain of events leading to the surrogate mother holding the baby to ransom. Hugo is forced to re-evaluate his whole life and his beliefs.

The book focuses on Hugo, at work and domestically in his life with Emily. We get his viewpoint throughout. I enjoyed getting to know Hugo, even though I found it hard to empathise with him initially. I was pleased with the events in the book, as they enfolded and made Hugo jump out of his complacency. At times, I was literally despairing at how stupid and naive Hugo was behaving and how he was setting himself up for chaos to ensue. I would have liked to have had more of Emily’s perspective or to have heard more from the women in the book.

The surrogate story is rather familiar, yet it has enough new twists in it to make it engaging and deliciously dark. Once the book moved on from the infertility/surrogacy, I was more drawn into the plot and invested in Hugo. I grew fond of him and enjoyed his downfall, as well as the scheming surrounding him. Nothing is ever what it seems in his world. I wanted him to suffer and suffer he did. I relished his confusion, as we follow him trying to get his baby back. The dark twisted financial world was a nice touch.

This is one thriller that is easy to get through, well paced with a dark edge to it.


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