The Broken- Tamar Cohen

Best friends tell you everything; about their kitchen renovation; about their little girl’s schooling. How one of them is leaving the other for a younger model.

Best friends don’t tell lies. They don’t take up residence on your couch for weeks. They don’t call lawyers. They don’t make you choose sides.

Best friends don’t keep secrets about their past. They don’t put you in danger.

Best friends don’t always stay best friends.


My thoughts

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the review copy of this book.

Two couples are best friends. Suddenly Dan and Sasha are having problems and are separating. Dan finds a new girlfriend. Josh and Hannah are torn about how to deal with this. Divorce and separation leaves its mark on all of them.

I found this a hard book to get through because it was all about relationships. They were not that captivating or interesting. I could not relate to any of the very middle class characters or how they were handling the separation of Dan and Sasha. I couldn’t understand why Josh and Hannah were getting sucked into the annoying drama or why they pretended to not take sides. They could easily have stepped back and accepted the change. They could easily have told Sasha to stop criticising their child, to just get over it and to get counselling.

All in all this was much to much of a family drama or chick lit read for me, than a good psychological twisted read. I was disappointed and felt it was predictable. I would have appreciated a much more evil and dark focus to the book



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