The Stolen Ones – Shy Keenan


The Stolen Ones was published by Hodder and Stoughton on 26 May 2011 and is available to purchase here

The children are sending her messages… Dr. Cordelia Hunter has been brought in by the police’s elite child protection unit to consult on their investigation into a terrifying internet paedophile ring. Using skills she developed during her own traumatic childhood, she recognises a child being abused in the live internet film is sending out silent messages. Ones that only she can understand. But with the clock ticking and the police frustrated by their rules and red tape, she realises she may have to make it her own mission to track down the child rapists, and the innocents they are abusing. Before it’s too late.


My thoughts

Dr Cordelia Hunter, a woman with a dark, complicated past is a victim support advocate at Justice4Children. She is a psychologist and is seconded to work with the police in the ECPU (The Elite Child Protection Unit) as a consultant. This unit investigates internet paedophilia. The team is looking into a case of ‘abuse to order’ over the net. Cordy notices that one of the children is sending out secret messages. The race is on to find the children and to identify the paedophiles.

What a FANTASTIC read!!! This is a police procedural, with the dark theme of internet paedophilia. It is one of those books that is thought-provoking and hard to put down.

I was fascinated by the character of Cordy, her background and how she dealt with her demons. My favourite scene was when she confronted the team about the inappropriate language that they used and reinforced how the language they use matters. I loved how we got to know the ECPU team and followed them throughout the case.

Totally recommended. I hope that Shy Keenan writes more crime novels in the future. I would love to see Cordelia Hunter back.



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