Child no 3 – Phil Martin (Lost Girl 1)


Having exposed lie after lie told by her foster parents, Amy Walker sets off on a mission of self-discovery to unearth exactly what they have kept buried from the world.

After journeying from her Manchester home to the shanty towns and palaces of Morocco, more untruths lead her back to London and a dark Chechen underworld, where she discovers she was third on a coded, list of stolen children.

As Amy gets closer to unearthing her truth, she disturbs it, alerting the gang to her existence. Her truth will do anything to stay hidden. The gang is still in operation and ready to strike again in Barcelona.

Child No. 3 must be silenced. Little girl lost must never be found.

My thoughts

Many thanks to the author for sending me a copy to review.

Amy Walker is just an ordinary student graduating from university, in the north of England. Suddenly her life becomes complicated, as she discover everything she has been told about her early years is a lie. She goes in search of the truth. This leads to danger in the form of assassins, criminals intent on hunting her down and the police finding her rather suspicious. Who is Amy Walker?

I was really impressed with this book and with Amy Walker. This is a solid crime thriller that takes you on an exciting journey, as you follow Amy. Amy is such a well drawn, lovely strong character and you want her to succeed. Some of my favourite scenes were when Amy was being pursued by assassins and she was either hiding or escaping. I loved the escalating sense of danger, as Amy found out one more piece of the jigsaw.

This is book one in a trilogy. And it’s definitely worth a read, if you are into exciting crime reads.


About Northern Crime

Reviewer with a mind of her own. This is a collection of book reviews, which started in 2014. Mostly crime and odd other genres thrown in. Some I loved. Some I loathed. You get the picture.
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