Dead Man’s Gift: Yesterday Part One – Simon Kernick


Published in May 2014

The FIRST direct to digital short-story in a race-against-time three-part adventure from the bestselling author of Relentless, Siege and Ultimatum, Simon Kernick.
MP Tim Horton arrives home to find his seven year old son has been abducted by a ruthless gang of kidnappers. All they have left behind is the brutally murdered body of the Horton’s nanny.
The gang’s demands are simple: Tim must sacrifice his own life in order to save his son’s.
It’s the ultimate dead man’s gift .

My thoughts

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for my review copy.

This is a thriller in three parts. This is the second time I’ve read a crime novel in instalments this year and it is something I really approve of. I like the build of tension and the almost child-like excitement you get waiting for the next parts.

This first part of the story introduces us to the plot. An MP’s young son is kidnapped. Tim and his wife sit waiting in their house for the instructions from the kidnappers. These instructions make it clear that Tim must sacrifice his own life for his child. Who can help Tim? And why have the kidnappers chosen him?

It has been a while since I’ve read a Simon Kernick novel. I’d forgotten how good he is. As soon as you start reading, you get drawn into the kidnapping drama and the dilemma for Tim. There is a lovely cliffhanger ending that makes you want to dive into book two.

An excellent short read!


About Northern Crime

Reviewer with a mind of her own. This is a collection of book reviews, which started in 2014. Mostly crime and odd other genres thrown in. Some I loved. Some I loathed. You get the picture.
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One Response to Dead Man’s Gift: Yesterday Part One – Simon Kernick

  1. These books released in parts are on the increase this year – I’m still not sure whether I like to read this way or not but then I’m not known for having bags of patience.

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