Crossing the line – Kerry Wilkinson (Jessica Daniels 8)


Published September 2014

The point of no return . . .

Long before Jessica Daniel became a police detective, Manchester was a ghost city after dark. Fear ruled as people were afraid to be out by themselves, the notorious Stretford Slasher terrorizing its inhabitants.

Now, twenty-five years on and the media are feeling nostalgic. But Jessica has a new case to worry about. Apparent strangers are being targeted in broad daylight, the attacker unworried about being caught. If only Jessica and her team could track him down . . .

It’s the coldest spring in memory and Jessica has old friends to look out for, plus secrets – so many secrets – that should have long been buried.

My thoughts

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for sending me a copy to review.

This is a completely new author and series for me. And one that I have been meaning to take a look at.

This book is the eighth in a successful series by Kerry Wilkinson about Jessica Daniel, an officer in the police force in Manchester. It is also referred to as the start of ‘Season 2’. I never knew books could have series. How clever. I personally have my doubts about whether anyone can just jump into an established series, without missing out on a great deal of important background and character development. However it did seem to work on this occasion and was very readable as a standalone.

There are a few things going on in the novel: a local politician is burned with acid publicly, the anniversary of the ‘Stretford Slasher’, a masked attacker and an assortment of characters working with Jessica who have amusing nicknames. I particularly liked ‘PC Pen-Thief’ and the cake chomping ‘Fat Pat’. Plus there is the personal stuff with Jessica, about her ‘marriage’, partner and friends.

There is a dark element to the writing. I got a real sense of the gritty side of policing in Manchester: the drugs, the appalling work conditions at the nick in a bleak winter and stabbings. As someone who hasn’t been to Manchester in twenty years, it was rather eye-opening. I am forgetting for a moment it’s not real.

I liked Jessica Daniel very much. She has a very witty, quirky way about her, spewing out amazing one-liners. I found myself chuckling at some of the things she was coming out with. And the banter with her work colleagues was fun. She does northern bluntness so well!

A stonking good read if you are into dark northern crime with humour! I’m going to have to get my hands on the rest in the series.


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