No Smoke Without Fire – Paul Gitsham (DCI Warren 2)

Published July 2014


DCI Warren Jones has a bad feeling when the body of a young woman turns up in Beaconsfield Woods. She’s been raped and strangled but the murderer has been careful to leave no DNA evidence. There are, of course, suspects – boyfriend, father – to check out but, worryingly, it looks more and more like a stranger murder.

Warren’s worst fears are confirmed when another young woman is killed in the same way.

The MO fits that of Richard Cameron who served twelve years for rape. But Cameron never killed his victims and he has a cast-iron alibi.

Then personal tragedy intervenes and Warren is off the case. But the pressure is mounting and another woman goes missing. Warren is back but will the break he desperately needs come before there’s another victim?

My thoughts

Thanks to Netgalley and UK Carina for my review copy.

This is the second in a police procedural series featuring DCI Warren. In this instance, we get a serial killer on the loose attacking young women in the Middlesbury locality and Warren having to deal with sadness in his personal life. Most of the drama comes from the case as it progresses with every murder.

There was plenty to like in this read; escalating dramatic tension that kept me hooked, a serial killer with good forensic knowledge and a rather nice DCI with a happy home-life.

As a mystery though, I thought it was pretty obvious who the killer was early on. I was literally willing Warren to get to the conclusions I had drawn from the evidence. It is not often I am reading a book and thinking ‘Why don’t you just question so and so?’

It was an entertaining and solid crime read. I do think the author shows a great deal of potential. I just would have preferred to have not solved the crime before DCI Warren did. I wonder if I deserve an honorary DCI to be awarded for my detective skills.



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3 Responses to No Smoke Without Fire – Paul Gitsham (DCI Warren 2)

  1. crimeworm says:

    I think a lot of us crime bloggers deserve immediate entry into CID, without having to do the crappy bits of police work first – like stand in the cold, guarding houses where a crime has occurred, for hours, no book, no iPod. Our experience of “solving crimes” demands we’re allowed in at a higher level!!

  2. Christine says:

    We would be just perfect for the job, with our problem solving skills and vast knowledge of fictional crime.

  3. crimeworm says:

    It’s such a pity real crime is generally much more mundane than the cases we read about in books!

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