Sacrifice – Paul Finch (DS Heckenburg #2)

Published 2013


Innocent people are dying. Who will be next? Find out in the second Detective Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg from #1 ebook bestseller Paul Finch.

A vicious serial killer is holding the country to ransom, publicly – and gruesomely – murdering his victims.

When a man is burnt alive on a bonfire, it seems like a tragic Guy Fawkes Night accident. But with the discovery of a young couple on Valentine’s Day – each with an arrow through the heart – something more sinister becomes clear. A ‘calendar killer’ is on the loose.

Detective Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg is up against it. With a rising body count and the public’s eyes on him, Heck must find the killer before he executes more victims.

Because this killer has a plan. And nothing will stop him completing it.

A heart-stopping and grisly thriller that will enthral fans of Stuart MacBride and Katia Lief.

My thoughts

This is the second in the Heck series written by Paul Finch. It did not match the brilliance of ‘Stalkers’, mostly because it felt a little too familiar. I must have seen or read too many evil killers using certain religious or pseudo-religious dates to murder before. This time the killer is using Bonfire night, Christmas and Easter as an excuse to brutalize and murder. It was nicely chilling, even if the reveal felt like an anti-climax.

On the positive side, I do love Heck and it was this that kept me going to the end. He is a very sexy, tough lead and his relationship with his boss/ex girlfriend, Gemma, is very entertaining. I hope we get more of this ‘will they/won’t they’ between Gemma and Heck.

I also enjoyed some of the crimes taking place in Bradford and Leeds. I want more northern gritty crime. I look forward to ‘The Killing Club’ and seeing what is in store next for Heck.


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3 Responses to Sacrifice – Paul Finch (DS Heckenburg #2)

  1. crimeworm says:

    Interestingly, Rebecca Bradley has an interview with Paul Finch about his writing habits on her blog today – you should find it on I think (sorry, I’m on my Kindle so don’t think I can provide a link. But thought you might be interested!

    • Christine says:

      Oooo I will def have a look. Thanks!!!

      • crimeworm says:

        He’s a very interesting interviewee – in fact, Rebecca’s entire “First Draft” series is really interesting, with some great crime novelists having taken part; indeed her entire blog is worth a browse.

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