The Twilight Hour – Nicci Gerrard




Published October 2014

Eleanor Lee is fiercely independent. She has lived alone well into her nineties, despite her now near-total blindness. Now, finally, she has been persuaded by her children to move into a home.

She employs Peter, a recent graduate nursing a broken heart, to spend the summer sorting through her attic – papers, photographs, books and letters – ahead of the move.

These fragments of her own history unleash in Eleanor a long-concealed story of forbidden love, betrayal, passion, grief and self-sacrifice; and in their unlikely friendship, something is unlocked in Peter’s heart, too.

My thoughts

Thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for my review copy.

Eleanor is in her 90s and desperate for her secrets to stay hidden. She is losing her sight and her family want her to sell up. She almost burns down the house, trying to dispose of paperwork. Peter is in his twenties and is brought into her life to go through the mountain of possessions and stuff accumulated over a lifetime. Slowly Eleanor and Peter get to know each other and Eleanor reveals her past secrets.

This is a gentle beautiful read, that makes you reflect on the ageing process and how appearances can be deceptive. The mystery is there, as we slowly uncover what happened to a much younger Eleanor.

I was very drawn to Eleanor and Peter and their relationship. As Peter became fascinated by Eleanor, so did I.

Worth a read for the lovely portrayal of a fascinating elderly woman.



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