To the Edge of Shadows – Joanne Graham


Published October 2014

A cross-genre novel – female contemporary fiction with an element of suspense.

Sarah Phillips longs for the simple life – a job to fill her days, a home to return to and a small amount of steps to count between the two. Seriously injured in a car crash when she was thirteen, Sarah has no memory of her childhood or the family she lost.

Ellie Wilson remembers her own past only too well, the cruelty she suffered at the hands of a mother that abused her and a father who couldn’t protect her. She finds Sarah fascinating, a mirror to the life she never had.

But as curiosity spills over into obsession, and as Sarah’s world begins to unravel, Ellie moves ever closer.

My thoughts

I absolutely love it when I pick up my kindle and unexpectedly get a little gem of a book.

This is the story of Sarah. Sarah lost her memory, following a road traffic accident. We meet her as a teenager and then as a young adult. Sarah is struggling to adjust to life, with her faulty memory and PTSD. As an amnesiac, Sarah gets by with the help of her aunt. Suddenly she becomes aware that she has a stalker. Things in her flat are being moved and she has a feeling she is being watched.

This is one of those books that moves at a slow, yet beautiful pace. Sarah is a delight to read about. I could believe in the confusion of a girl waking from a coma, with her memories all gone and life very different. Sarah develops OCD in the way she deals with the world, only going to certain places and staying in a comfort zone. She has a very real anxiety about the world and what could happen to her. I thought the descriptions of Sarah’s condition and the way she perceives the world were just brilliant.

As for Sarah’s stalker, I sort of half guessed what was going on. I was very impressed, when the pieces of the puzzle slotted together.

This is a book that people should be reading and talking about. Recommended!


Thanks to Legend Press and Netgalley for my review copy.




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