Broadchurch: One More Secret – Erin Kelly

Published 10 February 2015


An official and original short story to be read after watching episode six of Broadchurch: Series Two. Containing completely new material not available anywhere else, this is a must-read for all fans of the show.
The sixth in a collection of eight short stories to run alongside the second series of ITV’s BAFTA award-winning show, Broadchurch. This story will be released at midnight following the broadcast of episode six.

My thoughts

Broadchurch on Monday means a lovely story from Erin Kelly on Tuesday. It is the law.

The latest addictive story from Erin Kelly focuses on Beth Latimer and how she is coping with life. Beth has had to deal with a newborn, the truth about her husband becoming public knowledge in court and she is grieving for the loss of her son. We see a Beth who is full of anger and is trying to get through the nightmare of the trial.

This is a very poignant little episode and one of my favourites. I loved the way we saw Beth and Ellie take tentative steps towards being friends again, last night. Erin Kelly expanded on this moving moment and made it even more perfect.



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4 Responses to Broadchurch: One More Secret – Erin Kelly

  1. crimeworm says:

    I love your comment, “It is the law.” ! I thought it was good last night – if a bit odd that Mark gave evidence after sitting through the trial thus far! And Ellie was good – loved her bollocking the son in the court atrium (I like that word!) She’s a good egg. I was discussing Broadchurch with one of the ladies who works in Boots here (as you do!) and we both think that if Joe didn’t do it, he admitted it because he’s covering up for his son, who he thinks – rightly or wrongly – did it. Because who else would you take the blame for if you’re innocent? What are YOU thinking now? (And saw another side to Claire last night! And what did the lawyer find out when sleeping with the reporter??)

    • Christine says:

      Hahaha! My sense of humour coming out. You have to be lenient with the dramatic license of Mark and all the other witnesses happily sitting there in court and giving evidence the next minute. I don’t mind that. I adored Ellie last night. Ellie is just the best character for getting all shouty.
      Really you think Joe may be innocent? I don’t know about that. I don’t know. I will ponder that a lot. Broadchurch really messes with your head. As for Claire, the ENDING with the reveal about what she has been up to was just brilliant. I was pointing at the screen going ‘show me who that person is’ and we saw her!!!!

      • crimeworm says:

        So, she stole the necklace – why? So she could wear it? (Stupidly!) As soon as she started doing her hair and the portfolio got picked up, I knew there had to be something in it, as us crime fans know that nothing is just random and means nothing…. Ellie is a much better cop than Alex, he gets tunnel vision whereas she’s more open-minded.

      • Christine says:

        I know. It’s funny how we pick up on these things quickly. Claire stole the necklace from the police, which is pretty crazy. But it was the only evidence they had against Lee. So maybe he instructed her to or it could have implicated Claire as well…. Ellie wasn’t so hot in the first series, when it was her close friends. Think she is making up for it now. Alec is too close and poorly.

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