Broadchurch: The Leaving of Claire Ripley – Erin Kelly

Published 17 February 2015


An official and original short story to be read after watching episode seven of Broadchurch: Series Two. Containing completely new material not available anywhere else, this is a must-read for all fans of the show.
The seventh in a collection of eight short stories to run alongside the second series of ITV’s BAFTA award-winning show, Broadchurch. This story will be released at midnight following the broadcast of episode seven.


My thoughts

This short story is the seventh in the series. This week, the character of Claire is explored in more depth. Claire is a strange one, full of lies and mysteries. We still do not really know what she is holding back. She is definitely holding something back from Miller and Hardy. We get to see her background in Wales and what she was like, in this mini read. There are also lovely references to that necklace.

I am really going to miss Broadchurch and these mini reads, when it is all over.

One more episode left to go. I’m thinking a not guilty verdict in court for Joe Miller. And I haven’t a clue about the whole Sandbrook case.


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2 Responses to Broadchurch: The Leaving of Claire Ripley – Erin Kelly

  1. crimeworm says:

    This one sounds interesting, especially as Claire is a character we just don’t know how to take (I haven’t seen all of last night’s episode, as my daughter phoned, then my mum, then I realised the Spiral I had to see would go offline at 10.50 last night…) But I might watch it on my Kindle tonight! Although I did see him telling Vest Man (I’ve totally forgotten his name, but you OBVIOUSLY know who I mean!) that Claire had been pregnant, and what she did. I was pretty aghast at him doing that, tbh, unless he had some ulterior motive, like laying some kind of trap…he is a terrible cop, though, doing unprofessional stuff like that! I’m glad they’ve got Lucy Cohu as his wife in it more now, as she’s a great actress. What will we do when it all ends next week? We’ll be in mourning!

    • Christine says:

      I had to watch it twice because the cat was chasing his toys around the room and I completely missed sections. I think Alec was just trying to provoke a reaction from Lee and to try and force secrets out into the open. Very unprofessional as you say, but clever. I think it worked. Lee and Claire are not getting back together and Claire handed back the necklace… I don’t know what we will do when it ends. It is the only drama I watch week by week. Mostly I save them until they have finished and binge watch.

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