The Jackdaw – Luke Delaney

To be published by Harper Collins on 12th March 2015


The fourth novel in the DI Sean Corrigan series – authentic and terrifying crime fiction with a psychological edge, by an ex-Met detective. Perfect for fans of Mark Billingham, Peter James and Stuart MacBride.
Guilty or not guilty?

A lone vigilante is abducting wealthy Londoners and putting their fate in the hands of the public. Within hours of disappearing, the victims appear on the internet, bound to a chair in a white room.

Revenge or mercy?

Their crimes of greed and incompetence are broadcast to the watching thousands who make up the jury. Once the verdict is cast, the man who calls himself ‘The Jackdaw’ will be judge and executioner.
Live or die?

DI Sean Corrigan and his Special Investigations Unit are under pressure to solve this case fast. But as The Jackdaw’s popularity grows, Corrigan realizes he’s hunting a dangerously clever and elusive adversary – one who won’t stop until his mission is complete.

My thoughts

 This is book four in the brilliant Detective Inspector Sean Corrigan series. How excited am I to be reading more Corrigan! This is one of my favourite crime series.

The action takes us to the heart of the financial district in London, where a psychopath is playing judge and jury to bankers who profited from the financial crisis. Individuals are being kidnapped and then are judged online via a kind of You-Tube interactive website called ‘Your View’. Viewers are asked to tune in and see the masked Jackdaw make his judgement. Sean Corrigan, with his unique insight into the depraved and evil is called upon to investigate. Corrigan finds he is under increasing pressure, as the case attracts escalating media attention.

I just love this series and the way Corrigan gets into the mind of the psychopath. Corrigan is a genius at working out a crime scene and dissecting an evil mind. I also like the hint of the forbidden relationship brewing with Anna, the psychiatrist. There is just something about him, that makes you want to know more.

This book has such a brilliant contemporary spin on the recent banking crisis. It was very clever showing various members of the public watching the on screen judgement by the ‘Jackdaw’ and his cruel methods of punishment. I felt drawn into the drama and the debate about the evils of the banking sector. It all has a realistic and sad feeling about it. I could imagine this taking place.

Just brilliant. I feel bereft now I’ve finished it.

Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins for my review copy.

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6 Responses to The Jackdaw – Luke Delaney

  1. Kay says:

    I have not read any books in this series and it sounds like one I would enjoy completely. And that bird on the cover – ewww. It looks at you. Might have to read that one as an e-book or turn the cover facedown when not reading it. LOL

  2. I read The Toy Taker which was incredibly dark so I’m tempted by this one 😉

  3. crimeworm says:

    I don’t know this series – although The Toy Taker rings a bell, title-wise. This sounds great though, Christine!

    • Christine says:

      It is one of those series that should get more publicity. You have to give them a go, Linda and see if you love Corrigan. I’m sure you will 🙂

      • crimeworm says:

        Chances are good that if you enjoyed it, I will! There’s so many series out there; it’s incredible. I can’t keep up with them all! And the quality is SO high!

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