A Spy Came Home – H.N. Wake

Published December 2014


The Anonymous Make History Today, the United States faces unprecedented levels of gun violence. Massacres are taking place in communities on a regular basis. In schools, lockdown drills are now as commonplace as fire drills. Politicians on Capitol Hill, impotent in the face of one of the most influential lobbying powers, have failed to pass gun legislation since 1994. — Mac Ambrose, a twenty-year, international veteran of the CIA, is recruited by her closest friends to run a domestic operation: bring down the gun lobby by any means necessary so the Senate can pass a new assault weapons ban. In four weeks. — From the hearing rooms of Capitol Hill, to the rolling hills of Kentucky and the wealthy suburbs of New Orleans, Mac flawlessly sets the traps of a multi-pronged strategy to ensnare a lawmaker, a lobbyist, and a gun manufacturer. From a safe house in Philadelphia, she rediscovers relationships forsaken in the name of national security.

About the Author

H.N. Wake has only recently arrived to fiction after living in Africa, Asia and Europe for 20 years where she worked primarily with the US Government. She has an in-depth background in international relations and an even stronger interest in politics where she leans unabashedly to the left. She can speak none of the five languages she studied. She now lives in the US with her husband and their Pig.

My thoughts

‘A Spy Came Home’ is a story about spies, big political issues and friendships. At its heart is Mac, a woman who has sacrificed everything for her country, including the man she loves. She is a rather fascinating complex character, having been through a great deal during her time abroad. A spook recruited by her friends to discredit the powerful gun lobby. Mac is on the case using her espionage skills to bring about gun control change.

Living in a country where guns are not a social or cultural norm, I found the gun control debate fascinating. It made me think about the human cost. I found myself very much on the side of Mac and her friends, and sympathetic to their cause.

A pretty solid and thought provoking spy tale, with an interesting and clever lead in Mac. At times I was a little confused by the American politics, but I got the overall gist. Worth reading if you like your thriller novels with a touch of social and political realism.

Many thanks to H.N.Wake for my review copy!



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