The Mourner – Susan Wilkins

Published 21st May 2015 by Pan Macmillan

the mourner

If she can’t get justice, will she settle for vengeance?
Kaz Phelps has escaped her brother and her criminal past to become an anonymous art student in Glasgow. But can life under the witness protection scheme ever give her the freedom she craves?
Banged up and brooding, Joey Phelps faces thirty years behind bars. Still, with cash and connections on the outside, can an overstretched prison system really contain him?
Helen Warner, once Kaz’s lawyer and lover, is a rising star in Parliament. But has she made the kind of enemies who have no regard for the democratic process, or even the law?
Ousted from the police and paralysed by tragic personal loss, Nicci Armstrong is in danger of going under. Can a job she doesn’t want with a private security firm help her to put her life back back on track?
A murder dressed up as suicide and corruption that goes to the heart of government unite ex-cop and ex-con in a deadly quest to learn the truth. What they discover proves what both have always known – villainy is rife on both sides of the law.

My thoughts

Susan Wilkins stormed into the gritty gangster genre turning it on its head with the brilliant ‘The Informant’ last year. After reading ‘The Informant’, I COULD NOT WAIT to get my hands on this one and find out what happens to Kaz next.

The story picks up where we left off, with Kaz in Scotland under witness protection and her brother, Joey behind bars. We also catch up with Nicci Armstrong, the police officer who was investigating Kaz and Joey. Nicci has moved to join a private security firm, after being forced out of the police force. She is a shadow of her former self, fighting her demons. And Helen, Kaz’s former lover, has moved from working as a solicitor to becoming a Member of Parliament. Kaz ends up back in London. She has heard about a terrible event, that is not as straight forward as it is reported. Kaz is soon on the trail of justice, together with Nicci Armstrong. Her jailbird brother is following close behind.

This book has got everything; gangsters and criminals, political plots, strong women and misinformation from on high. It is a completely brilliant read and worth reading if you have become jaded by this genre. It gives this genre a kick!

It is a pleasure to see Kaz again. Kaz has quickly become a favourite character of mine. She is such a strong female, able to stand up for herself and assert herself against the dodgy criminals she comes across. She is not a victim. And I love that. In contrast to Kaz is Nicci, a woman who has lost her career and is trying to find a reason to live. Nicci shone more in this novel, as a women with the weight of grief on her. Wilkins does create some very fascinating characters. The sort of characters you can completely believe in and understand.

The ending totally surprised me. I was not expecting THAT. This means I am even more desperate for book three.

Recommended. Another strong performance from Susan Wilkins, that leaves you wanting more Kaz.

Many thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for letting me read this!!!

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