Normal BLOG Tour. Guest post by Graeme Cameron – Will there be a sequel?


Today I am delighted to welcome the very talented Graeme Cameron to ‘Northern Crime’. It is the penultimate day of the Normal blog tour.

Normal has been one of those books that has spread by word of mouth. Everybody has loved it. We have all fallen under the spell of the wonderfully dark anti hero in Normal. And the question we are all asking is ….

After reading Normal, many readers are on tenterhooks wanting to know whether they’ll get to meet this dark protagonist again. Are there plans for a sequel? If not, what can we expect next from Graeme Cameron?

When I finished writing Normal, I had no plans for a sequel, for a number of reasons. The biggest is that it was such a trial to write.

It goes without saying that when a writer writes, every word is coming from inside his or her own brain. We might include snippets of conversation we’ve overheard, or draw inspiration from a newspaper headline or something we see out of the corner of our eye, but the core of the story and the language and tone all come from within.

Normal is a dark novel, whether you think of it literally as the tale of a girl in a cage, or metaphorically as a story about abusive relationships, and it’s told by a character who ostensibly has no shame in recounting his frankly awful deeds – all of that had to come from somewhere inside my head. People often look on writing, especially of a first novel, as a confessional process, and whilst I’m obviously not a serial killer, writing Normal was always going to require me to draw on elements of my own personality and thought processes that most people would rather leave unexplored. And trust me, if writing a novel is confessional, then reading it back with some distance and objectivity can teach some quite disturbing lessons.

I think that with all of that in mind, I’m done with writing in that man’s voice. His head is not a fun place to spend a lot of time, especially when you already know the punchlines to all of his jokes.

However. There are characters who make it through to the end of Normal whose storylines have potential for growth, and thanks to an accidental scribbling session I do already know what happens next. So I’m not in any way saying that there won’t ever be a Normal 2 – just that it won’t be narrated by a serial killer.

In the meantime, I’m already working on my second book, and of course I can’t tell you an awful lot about it except that it revolves around two strangers and a thing in a box. It’s very similar in tone, a lot wider in scope and even faster in pace, and if you liked Normal, then I think you’re going to be suitably entertained.

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Normal was published on 31st March 2015 by Mira. It will be available as a paperback from 9th April 2015.

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  1. crimeworm says:

    Two strangers and a thing in a box? I’m intrigued already! I know I’m already one of the last on the blogosphere to read Normal, but I’m going to get there, I promise!

  2. Christine says:

    A dead body in a box? A relic? A serial killer style token? I’m intrigued too. I am sure you will love it, when you get to it, Linda.

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