Death Sentence – Sheryl Browne

death sentence sheryl

Published 1st June by Safkhet Select

He’s killed your child and kidnapped your wife. What would YOU do?

Detective Inspector Matthew Adams and Patrick Sullivan, drug dealer, pimp, murderer: two men on opposite sides of the law. A history that goes way back. A bully even in his youth, Sullivan had made it his mission in life to make the goody-two-shoes copper’s life a misery. Now Matthew has made it his mission in life to make sure the pimping scum responsible for prostituting young girls, abusing them, and beating them to death, is locked up for life.

When Matthew’s child becomes a casualty of the war between them, does Matthew want justice? Or does he want retribution? When Patrick’s brother is shot down like a dog in a drug bust gone wrong, Patrick wants payback. He wants Matthew. Or the copper loses his pretty, pregnant wife. As far as Patrick is concerned, it’s quid pro quo.

Death Sentence: an edge-of-your seat story of revenge.

My thoughts

‘Death Sentence’ is in essence an engaging revenge story, with a deliciously nasty villain at its heart.

We meet two men, Matthew Adams and Patrick Sullivan. The copper and the drug dealing pimp, with a long history together. On opposite sides of the law, both become consumed with the need for revenge.

Slowly the story unfolds of Matthew’s family life and how he is still grieving over the loss of his child. Matthew is happily married to Becky and is keen to adopt his teenage niece, Ashley. I would have loved to have heard more from Ashley. She intrigued me. Matthew’s hatred for Sullivan has grown from childhood, heightened after Sullivan caused the death of his daughter. Matthew Adams is a decent man at heart. He comes into his own when he is forced to act outside the law. His need to fight for his family makes him a much more vibrant character.

Sullivan is a pure psychopath, with only his daughter bringing out anything remotely human in him. He does what he want, when he wants it. He seems to be above the law. He hurts, he controls and he lashes out. He blames the death of his brother on Adams and this makes him dangerous. His brand of evil is very believable. I almost would have preferred for the whole of the book to have been solely about him and his escapades. I enjoyed him that much.

This is a good and solid well paced thriller from Sheryl Browne. It was poignant at times and nicely dark. Worth a read for the character of Sullivan alone.

My thanks to Sheryl Browne for my review copy.


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5 Responses to Death Sentence – Sheryl Browne

  1. sherylbrowne says:

    Oh, wow! Christine, thank you so much! What a fabulous review! I’ve been so worried about poor Matthew. Will they, won’t they … love him, understand him? Clearly, you got him! And Patrick (shudder). Am thrilled! I can now breathe. Ashley comes into her own in the sequel, btw! Thank you, again! I now feel like buckling down to getting on with the writing of it. 🙂 xx

  2. sherylbrowne says:

    PS. Am sharing on my WP site. Hope that’s OK. 🙂 xx

  3. sherylbrowne says:

    Reblogged this on Sheryl Browne and commented:
    A fabulous review from Christine at Northern Crime for Death Sentence. I simply had to share. So thrilled and so very relieved. Thank you, Christine!

  4. Jane Risdon says:

    Fab review. I wish you all the best Sheryl. Thanks Christine. 🙂

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