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The 3rd Woman Jacket imageThe 3rd Woman is published on 2nd July 2015 by Harper Collins

Book description 

A chilling, heart-racing thriller from No. 1 bestselling author and award-winning journalist Jonathan Freedland. Perfect for fans of Robert Harris.

Jonathan Freedland PHOTO CREDIT Philippa Gedge 2015 Author photo by Philippa Gedge


Journalist Madison Webb is obsessed with exposing lies and corruption. But she never thought she would be investigating her own sister’s murder.


Madison refuses to accept the official line that Abigail’s death was an isolated crime. She uncovers evidence that suggests Abi was the third victim in a series of killings hushed up as part of a major conspiracy.


In a United States that now bows to China, corruption is rife – the government dictates what the ‘truth’ is. With her life on the line, Madison must give up her quest for justice, or face the consequences…

I am happy to be taking part in the Blog Tour for the release of ‘The 3rd Woman’, published tomorrow. It is THE political thriller to read this summer. Here is my review.

My thoughts

Jonathan Freedland is an established writer of fiction, under the pen name Sam Bourne and a well known British journalist. This is my first introduction to his work and I was impressed. What we get in ‘The 3rd Woman’ is a clever fast paced political thriller, with a smart female lead and a realistic edge.

A young woman is shockingly murdered in the opening chapter. We meet her sister, respected journalist Maddy Webb. The rest of the book follows Maddy, as she searches for the truth and seeks justice. Maddy works out that her sister Abigail is the third victim of a killer. This leads her into danger and political intrigue.

The book is set in a modern day smoggy Los Angeles; where China has established a small base in California. The murders seem to be linked to this enclave. There are local political elections going on, with Maddy’s ex-boyfriend working for a candidate. The death of Abigail soon becomes a hot political issue. Maddy is forced to use all of her connections to get to the truth, as well as social media.

I was full of admiration for Maddy. I cannot think of anyone who will not relate to her and her sheer determination. She puts her grief on hold to hunt for a killer. Some of the things she goes through are quite shocking. She does not give up. And she has integrity. Freedland has created a captivating character in Maddy.

This is one book that you will be reluctant to put down. A terrific page turner, with a great twist. I guarantee that you will race towards the end wanting to know the identity of Abigail’s killer and get caught up in Maddy’s world. Recommended.

Jonathan Freedland can be found on twitter @Freedland and the hashtag is #The3rdWoman

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6 Responses to Review: The 3rd Woman by Jonathan Freedland – Blog Tour

  1. philshanklin says:

    I have read a couple of his books written under the name of Sam Bourne – like a lot of the adventure genre they are slightly preposterous although entertaining. I will be interested to see as what this change to writing under his own name for this book will mean to his writing.

  2. crimeworm says:

    Agree with Phil re the Sam Bourne books – I do like a good political thriller though! You’re tempting me again Christine…as ever! xx

  3. Jane Risdon says:

    Thanks for pointing the way. I love thrillers and political thrillers especially. Not read his work before so will keep n eye out…my TBR is sky high so not sure when/if that will be. Love your blog by the way, having fun nosing around. Thanks for finding me…anything Crime and I am there. 🙂

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