To Catch A Rabbit – Helen Cadbury

To Catch A Rabbit was published by Allison and Busby on 22 January 2015 and is available to buy here


Two young boys stumble on a dead prostitute. She’s on Sean Denton’s patch. As Doncaster’s youngest community support officer, he’s already way out of his death, but soon he’s uncovering more than he’s supposed to know. Meanwhile Karen Friedman, professional mother of two, learns her brother has disappeared. She desperately needs to know he’s safe, but once she starts looking, she discovers unexpected things about her own needs and desires. Played out against a gritty landscape on the edge of a Northern town, Karen and Sean risk losing all they hold precious.

My thoughts

‘To Catch A Rabbit’ is the debut crime novel from Helen Cadbury. It is a delight, because of Sean Denton.

The story is set firmly in Yorkshire, mostly in Doncaster and York. A young Community Support Officer, Sean Denton, finds himself inadvertently investigating a murder. He seems to be the only one interested in what happened. The only one who cares. At the same time, a woman is searching for answers about her brother. Her brother has gone missing. The two strands eventually draw together.

We get a dark and engaging plot, with a very contemporary feel to it. The dark world of prostitution and human exploitation is explored. This is something I heartily approve of.

I found myself very drawn to Sean Denton. He is a character with so much potential. He is observant and bright. And he cares about the victims. He really should be promoted from his CSO role to something more suiting his intelligence, like running a murder squad. A CSO for any non Brits reading this, is a support officer working with the police in the community. They are not meant to do any investigating, just be a visible police presence in the community. Sean breaks all of the rules!

It is great to see a crime novel set in Yorkshire, with lovely Yorkshire colloquialisms. I think it is the first time, I have seen the word ‘snicket’ in print, apart from in the local Bradford newspaper the Telegraph and Argus.

I hope we get many more Sean Denton adventures, in the future. Helen Cadbury is an author to watch out for. Recommended, especially if you live in the north!


My thanks to Helen Cadbury for sending me a review copy!

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    Sounds great – and what the hell’s snicket mean btw?!

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