Believe No One – A. D. Garrett

Published November 2014 by Corsair

believe no one

 ‘A throat-clutcher from page one . . . complex, compelling and just plain marvelous.’ Jeffery Deaver

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Simms is in the United States on sabbatical with St Louis PD. Simms is working with a ‘method swap’ team, reviewing cold cases, sharing expertise. She came to the US to escape fallout from her previous investigation working with forensic expert Professor Nick Fennimore. However Fennimore also happens to be in the States on a book tour and is engineering his trip to get down to St Louis – the last thing Simms wants . . .

But a call for help from a sheriff’s deputy in Oklahoma distracts the professor: a mother dead, her child gone. Fennimore’s quick mind rapidly gets to work, and gradually draws the conclusion this might not an isolated case. How many other young mothers have been killed, their murders unsolved, their children unaccounted for – and what of Simms’ cold case in St Louis for instance?

In Believe No One, A. D. Garrett delivers a gripping sequel to match Everyone Lies, where the chills race in the heat in America’s mid-West. And once again the tension rises to match the climbing temperature between the dynamic pairing of Simms and Fennimore.

Praise for A. D. Garrett and Everyone Lies

‘Awesome . . . what A. D. Garrett doesn’t understand about forensic science and its applications isn’t worth knowing.’ Mo Hayder

‘This is thriller writing at its best: prose that’s startling in its page and clarity, characters who come to life immediately and the bonus of knowing that all the forensic details are entirely accurate.’ Ann Cleeves

My thoughts

I loved this book. It completely took my breath away! The perfect read for anyone craving a lovely level of in depth forensic crime writing, with some wonderful characters.

This is book two featuring Professor Nick Fennimore, an expert in forensics and Chief Inspector Kate Simms. Set mostly in the States, it follows the hunt for a sadistic killer. What I loved was the feel of American crime fiction. I could have sworn I was reading an American author. It had the same clever sense of place and quirky characterisation, you would get from a Karin Slaughter or Jeffrey Deaver.

Fennimore is on a book tour in America and is asked to help out on a case by Deputy Hicks. Simultaneously Chief Inspector Kate Simms is on secondment in the States, working with the police. Soon both are reunited looking for a chilling serial killer of young women.

Over the course of the book, we see the killer in action, hear from a frightened child and get in depth coverage of the investigation. It is completely absorbing. As well as that, there are the cultural tensions and differences between the British and American characters. I loved the translations of key American phrases and words, and how cleverly this was all done.

Just superb, if your taste in crime is for detail and intelligent intense reading! Recommended.

Many thanks to Margaret Murphy for being kind enough to send me a review copy! She has a new fan!

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  1. Kay says:

    OK, this sounds good. I like the idea of the British characters in the US. Think I’ll have to hunt up both the previous book and this one. 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    It really is, Kay. I’m gonna get my hands on the first book.

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