The Chemistry of Death by Rebecca Cantrell

Published on 1st September 2015


In the third thrilling instalment of this award winning series from New York Times bestseller Rebecca Cantrell.

Tortured genius Joe Tesla is on the trail of a sadistic serial killer who lures his victims into the bowels of the Manhattan subway system–and who holds the keys to Joe’s crippling condition. Can Joe stop the murderous rampage, or will he become the killer’s next victim?

My review of Book 2 in the series:  The Tesla Legacy by Rebecca Cantrell

My thoughts

Award winning Rebecca Cantrell brings us the third instalment in her Joe Tesla series. And it is truly excellent, the best Tesla story to date. Beautifully written, with a fantastic lead in the vulnerable and charismatic Joe; we get an action packed mystery and a hunt for a killer.

Joe is an eccentric genius and a rather nice bloke. He lives a strange existence underground, with his dog. Joe is a prisoner of his claustrophobia. He is paralysed with fear of natural daylight and the outside world. He uses the underground tunnels in New York to get around. Whilst exploring the tunnels, Joe and his dog find a stash of hidden lipsticks and a handbag. He gets his sometime bodyguard and friend, Vivian, to start investigating. This turns into a hunt for a serial killer.

I do love a serial killer story. This time, I have the lovely Joe Tesla and a serial killer. PERFECT. We hear from the killer throughout the story and watch him in action. He is quite chilling, with a cunning talent for manipulation and playing with his chemistry set. This killer has Joe in his sights.

I rate this series so very highly. It is great being back in the strange world of Joe Tesla and his friends. I welcome the return of bodyguard Vivian Torres and girlfriend Celeste. I am still holding out hope that Joe and Vivian get together, one day. There is a lovely mix of science and technology, with a dash of reality. It is unusual and wonderfully unique. I can believe in this world and it shows what a talent Rebecca Cantrell has.

Absolutely fantastic! I look forward to more Joe Tesla in the future.


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