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Published in paperback on 23 July, 2015 by McNidder and Grace

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Murder in in Malmö is already a hugely successful eBook – the second in the Anita Sundström Malmö Mystery Series.

 A gunman is loose in Malmö and he’s targeting immigrants. The charismatic head of an advertising agency is found dead in his shower. Another prominent Malmö businessman is found murdered. There seems to be three seemingly unconnected cases running at the same time. Inspector Anita Sundström wants to be involved in the murder investigations, but her antagonistic boss is sidelining her.

 When Sundström does find herself back in the action and facing new dangers, she has a lot to do to restore her professional reputation after a deadly mix-up in a previous high-profile case.

 Meet me in Malmö was the first in the series of the best-selling crime mysteries featuring Inspector Anita Sundström. Missing in Malmö and Midnight in Malmö are the forthcoming third and fourth titles.

The author

I was born in Edinburgh and brought up in Durham. My family originated from the Isle of Skye, where my Viking ancestors settled after one of their many raids. Hence the name Torquil, which is Scandinavian.

I was briefly a teacher and failed insurance salesman before becoming an advertising copywriter. I worked in agencies in Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcastle. I also spent five years with the Thomson newspaper group in Newcastle, which gave me the background for Ewan Strachan’s character in Meet me in Malmö.

Between 2000 and 2014 I worked as a freelance copywriter – Words That Torq – and divided my time between Cumbria and Tyneside, where most of my advertising/design clients were based. Since February 2014, I have concentrated on writing and e-publishing my novels. I still live in rural Cumbria with my wife, Susan. We have two sons and three grandchildren.

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Welcome to my turn on the Murder in Malmo Blog Tour. I just love being back in Malmo! Hope you enjoy my review.

My review of the first Anita Sundstrom:Meet Me At Malmo

My thoughts

This is the second Anita Sundstrom and it was a terrific read!

Anita Sundstrom is in the dog house at work and her personal life is just as awkward. She is very fed up and rather lonely, fixating on her son. Her colleagues get the glamorous high profile murders, including a man found dead in his shower room. Anita is stuck looking for stolen paintings, with a new young sidekick. Added to this mix, there is a gunman targetting the immigrant population of Malmo.

Anita really comes into her own in this book. It follows on so nicely from book one, and the rather last minute reveal. All of the questions I had about Anita and her blossoming relationship were answered. It’s a great and unusual relationship, that the author has set up. It says so much about Anita, that she is drawn to someone like that. I cannot say more. Spoilers.

As for the story, I loved its complexity and how it all came together. It resonated with me, the theme of anti-immigration and racist undertones. This kind of discourse is very much what we are familiar with in the UK. And I adore the whole Swedish vibe. I could just move there and sit in the pub with Anita.

This is a series, that is going from strength to strength. They have to be read in order, to appreciate Anita’s unusual relationship and the on-going storyline.

One to look out for if you like a bit of Scandinavian crime, with a lovely lead in Anita Sundstrom. I’m really looking forward to devouring the next books in the series.

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