Killing for Keeps – Mari Hannah

Published 15th July 2015 by Pan Macmillan in paperback


Two brothers from the same criminal family die within hours of each other, five miles apart: one on the edge of a Newcastle industrial estate, the other in a busy A & E department, unseen by the triage team. Both victims have suffered horrific injuries. But who wanted them dead? And will they kill again?

Investigating these brutal and bloody killings leads DCI Kate Daniels to break some rules, putting her career, as well as her life, on the line.

As the body count rises in the worst torture case Northumbria Police has ever seen, the focus of the enquiry switches from Newcastle to Glasgow, and then to Europe, ending in a confrontation with a dangerous offender who’s hell-bent on revenge.

My thoughts

It is hard to believe that Mari Hannah’s Northumbrian crime series is now at book five. It really is. This is one series that I absolutely have to read. It combines a very modern lead in Kate Daniels, great gritty crime for those of us with strong stomachs and it’s set in the north.

Kate Daniels is a rather exhausted and over-worked DCI. Those around her notice that her judgement is not always spot on. She is very grumpy, over emotional and not entirely professional. Kate is in desperate need of a holiday. Unfortunately for Kate, she has to deal with the escalating brutal murders that are happening on her door-step. Kate and side kick Hank Gormley are on the case, looking into gangland murders with their connections, home and away.

This time we get some very brutal crimes. Mari Hannah really ups her game to show how these individuals suffered and we see the shocked reactions in Kate and her officers. Kate is still determined to seek justice. We see Kate going down hill quite drastically and appearing to be on the edge of a breakdown. She has colleagues looking out for her, like the funny Hank and of course, Jo.

One of the things I enjoy about this series is the whole Kate/Jo relationship. Kate is extremely reluctant to reveal her sexuality to those around her. Her closest friends know. Kate is not at the point, where she can can be open at work and in her everyday life. She is a workaholic, who puts work before relationships. Kate has an on/off relationship with Jo, that we have seen over the past few books. It is beautifully drawn. I can believe it. The caring is there and the support. More of this please!

Another winner for Mari Hannah. I hope we see the return of Kate soon, after she has had a nice long holiday.

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