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Published 20 August 2015 by Maze

31MayThe Girl Who Broke the Rules

The pulse-pounding new thriller from Marnie Riches. For anyone who loves Jo Nesbo and Stieg Larsson, this book is for you!

When the mutilated bodies of two sex-workers are found in Amsterdam, Chief Inspector van den Bergen must find a brutal murderer before the red-light-district erupts into panic.

Georgina McKenzie is conducting research into pornography among the UK’s most violent sex-offenders but once van den Bergen calls on her criminology expertise, she is only too happy to come running.

The rising death toll forces George and van den Bergen to navigate the labyrinthine worlds of Soho strip-club sleaze and trans-national human trafficking. And with the case growing ever more complicated, George must walk the halls of Broadmoor psychiatric hospital, seeking advice from the brilliant serial murderer, Dr. Silas Holm…

I am absolutely chuffed to be a part of the Blog Tour to celebrate the second George book, The Girl Who Broke The Rules. I absolutely adore this series and it deserves to be huge, really huge.

My review of The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die

My thoughts

George McKenzie is back and I am celebrating! I missed her.

This year, I discovered the award winning author Marnie Riches and her wonderful creation George. Thank you Twitter for your part in this. Anyone who has not read the first George McKenzie book, should be ashamed of themselves. This is a MUST READ crime series, with an absolutely compelling heroine in George. The books have a lovely European air about them, with gritty crime at their centre. This is exactly the kind of crime I want to read.

In the second story, George is now studying for her doctorate and is well on her way to becoming a Criminologist. She has to interview the sinister Dr. Silas Holms, a psychopath locked away in Broadmoor. Paul van den Bergen contacts George asking for help with a particularly vicious series of murders. Soon George is back in her beloved Amsterdam offering her criminal expertise and getting into all sorts of trouble.

George is just as fantastic as ever, with her insight into evil and her down to earth commentary. She is tough, with a caring heart. I was fascinated by her interactions with Silas Holms, the creepy evil psychopath. Very much echoing Hannibal Lector/Clarice Starling, Riches pays homage to ‘Silence of the Lambs’; as George meets Silas. I love that kind of dynamic. Her love life is just as complicated; with a long distance boyfriend and a serious attraction to another man, van den Bergen. Van den Bergen is eccentric and a very decent sort of bloke. He seems to shine more in this book. I was willing a happy ending for George. This is crime, so I don’t want too happy. A little bit happy works for me!

This is seriously one of my favourite series of the year. Confidently written with the kind of dark tone, I crave. Marnie Riches is a writer to watch. She was born to write crime and she is undoubtedly up there with the best.

After the brutal and shocking ending, I am impatient for The Girl Who Walked in the Shadows. Give me more George NOW!

Recommended! For crime fans everywhere!

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  1. Steph says:

    I’m one of them who should be ashamed! Sounds great.

  2. I have to start reading this series. I have The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die on my kindle and you’ve convinced me it should probably be one of the next ones I read!

  3. Claire says:

    This is a new author to me, but I love Larsson and Nesbrø, so this review has me sold – thanks!

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