Solomon Creed – Simon Toyne

solomon creed

Published 10th September 2015 by Harper Collins



The first in an electrifying new thriller series from Sunday Times bestselling author, Simon Toyne. Perfect for fans of Lee Child, and I AM PILGRIM, by Terry Hayes.

A plane crashes in the Arizona desert.

One lone figure emerges alive from the wreckage.

He has no memory of his past, and no idea of his future.

He only knows he must save a man.

But how do you save someone who is already dead?

My thoughts

Want a fabulous new action hero, with a touch of the supernatural? Of course you do! Simon Toyne brings us his latest thriller featuring Solomon Creed, a man of mystery.

We meet a rather enigmatic Solomon Creed, emerging from the wreckage of a plane. A brilliant albino who makes his mark. The story takes place in the town of Redemption, a remote town in the middle of no-where, America. Solomon Creed is a man on a mission. The only problem is that Creed has lost his memory and the man he is seeking is dead. Redemption is a place of secrets and corruption. Creed is soon deemed a threat, by those in power.

I grew more and more obsessed with Creed. He is one massive mystery. He has lost his memory and so has little to share with the reader. However our knowledge about him slowly builds up. He is a man with all kinds of information at his fingertips. He is bright and resourceful. We soon get the impression he knows all about fighting and death. Yet he has a moral code, he clearly lives by.

With the classic good versus evil storyline, a rather wonderful character in Creed and a raging fire, the odd murder or two and the feel of the remote wildness of rural America; we get very addictive and exciting read. The ending leaves you wanting more Creed. I’m intrigued to see where it will go next. Highly intrigued!

Recommended for lovers of a blummin good thriller everywhere!

My thanks to Harper Collins for my review copy!



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