Liar Liar – M. J. Arlidge

Published 10th September 2015 by Penguin UK, Michael Joseph



‘Helen Grace is one of the greatest heroes to come along in years’ JEFFERY DEAVER

In the dead of night, three raging fires light up the city skies. It’s more than a tragic coincidence. For DI Helen Grace the flames announce the arrival of an evil she has never encountered before.

Because this is no firestarter seeking sick thrills, but something more chilling: a series of careful, calculating acts of murder.

But why were the victims chosen? What’s driving the killer? And who will be next?

A powder keg of fear, suspicion and dread has been laid. Now all it needs is a spark to set it off . . .

My thoughts

Liar Liar is the latest from M. J. Arlidge’s very successful Helen Grace series. This is the fourth story, as we get to catch up with Helen Grace and her sidekick, Charlie Brooks.

The latest case for Helen Grace involves multiple arson attacks across Southampton. Someone is targetting families in their homes, setting off devastating fires and causing death and destruction. Helen has a new boss to deal with and a local journalist trying to undermine her. As the arson attacks escalate, can Helen and her team identify the arsonist in time to save lives?

I’m a fan of this series. It is crime that is incredibly accessible and beautifully paced. M. J. Arlidge is a great storyteller. I was left on the edge of my seat, as the fires escalated across the city.

I have a soft spot for Helen Grace, as she deals with her demons and fights crime. It is lovely reading the descriptions of her riding to a crime scene on her motorbike. Helen is the classic lone wolf and I feel so sorry for her. Her ways of dealing with the emotional impact of her job, puts her at risk. I’m hoping that Helen finds a way forward. In Liar Liar, she seemed very helpless at times and in need of a hug. I look forward to more interactions between Helen and her new boss. I see an interesting dynamic developing there.

Now I am hugely impatient for book five, to get my Helen Grace fix. I really want more, especially after that rather ambiguous ending. I do recommend that these books are read in order. I think it would be difficult to understand Helen fully, without the background in the previous novels.

My thanks to Penguin UK and Netgalley for my review copy!




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2 Responses to Liar Liar – M. J. Arlidge

  1. Kay says:

    I read the first book in this series last month and it was good. A little graphic and a little grim, but I understand what you are saying about Helen herself. Look forward to continuing the series with book 2 soon. 🙂

  2. Definitely need to start book 1 when next in the mood for a quick pageturner!

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