Bones In The Nest – Helen Cadbury

Bones in the Nest was published on 23rd July 2015 by Allison and Busby and is available to buy here

bones in the nest

The Chasebridge Killer is out; racial tension is rising and the mutilated body of a young Muslim man is found in the stairwell of a tower block in Doncaster. As he gets drawn into the case, Sean Denton’s family life and his police job become dangerously entwined. Meanwhile a young woman is trying to piece her life back together, but someone is out there; someone who will never let her forget what she’s done.

My review of To Catch A Rabbit here

My thoughts

It is wonderful to find a captivating character in a debut novel. Helen Cadbury brought us Sean Denton, a young PCSO with a huge future ahead of him. It is lovely to see him back, in this second novel in the series.

Set two years after To Catch A Rabbit, Sean Denton is now a uniformed police officer. He is now a Constable and is learning the ropes in his home town of Doncaster. His character is developing nicely, as we see him gaining confidence in his new role.

The story takes us to the council estate Sean’s Dad lives on, in Doncaster. A young Muslim man is murdered and mutilated. Sean is one of the first officers on the scene. And the infamous Chasebridge killer is released from prison causing anger in the community. We get a real sense of the working class community trying to make sense of change and racial tensions being deliberately stirred up. Chloe Toms is released from prison and is reintegrating back into society. She is living in a bail hostel in York. It is not easy for her making sense of a new world of technology and finding a new place in the world. Sean gets in on the murder case investigation, as he knows area and culture. It is not easy for Sean, being so close to the action.

This is fabulous Yorkshire crime, told through the eyes of Sean in Doncaster and Chloe in York. We get a really gritty story, that feeds into contemporary issues of race, immigration and changing working class communities. Helen Cadbury brings to life the tensions in a Doncaster estate. I particularly liked the way Sean was used, to bridge the gap between the police and the community.

I have a really soft spot for Sean Denton. I hope that we get to see him in many more Doncaster crime adventures and getting to position of authority, in time. Mark my words, this is a series to watch. I predict great things for the Yorkshire lad.

Totally and utterly recommended.



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2 Responses to Bones In The Nest – Helen Cadbury

  1. I’ve got this on my kindle, can’t wait to read it.

  2. ireadnovels says:

    I read on Twitter a few days ago that sadly the fabulous author Helen Cadbury passed away.

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