Top 12 Crime Books of 2015

It is heading towards Christmas and the end of 2015. I’ve read some incredible crime books this year, discovered lots of new authors and had so much fun. I interviewed two of my crime writing heroes, Peter James and Anya Lipska. Thank you to all of the authors for the hours of pleasure you have given this year.

I am happy to present my Top 12 Crime Books of 2015.

Let me know what you think. What are your favourite reads of the year?

  1. Lynda La Plante – Tennison


This year, saw the hotly anticipated Tennison appear on bookshelves across the nation. Lynda La Plante brought back my all time favourite character, Jane Tennison. Tennison is a joy for any fan of Prime Suspect. It follows Jane in her early years, in 1970s London.

My review is here: Tennison

2. The Dark Inside – Rod Reynolds

dark inside cover

I was not the only who agreed we have a new major talent in Rod Reynolds. The Dark Inside is a wonderful 1940s historical noir, that feels authentic and cool. We follow a New York journalist searching for the truth about some murders in small town America. Stunning!

My review is here: The Dark Inside

3. Marnie Riches – The Girl Who Broke The Rules

31MayThe Girl Who  Broke the Rules

Marnie Riches burst onto the crime scene this year, with two rather fabulous gritty stories. The Girl Who Trilogy is Euro-Crime, set mostly in Amsterdam and London, with a great lead in future Criminologist George. I’ve chosen Book Two The Girl Who Broke The Rules, for its lovely nod to Hannibal Lector/Clarice Starling as my favourite. Both books completely bowled me over and left me desperate for more. Book Three is out in Spring 2016. Marnie Riches is a name to look out for.

My reviews: The Girl Who Broke The Rules and The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die

4. The Mourner – Susan Wilkins


I think Susan Wilkins deserves far more praise and recognition. She has single handedly turned a genre on its head and made it her own. In gritty gangster crime, we so often see women as passive victims. Kaz, the star of The Mourner, is tough and nobody’s victim. This is the second story in the series.

Read my review here: The Mourner

5. The Silent Room – Mari Hannah


The Silent Room is a book I have been raving about to the entire world. Mari Hannah already has the successful Kate Daniels series under her belt. If you have not discovered her work, this is the perfect place to start. A truly excellent read, for anyone into exciting thrillers. We follow Matthew Ryan as he searches for the truth, when his boss and friend is accused of corruption and escaping from custody.

My review: The Silent Room

6. The Mistake I Made – Paula Daly


I read The Mistake I Made in the summer, as a buddy read. I still remember it today. It is one of the few crime/psychological thrillers that made me laugh out loud. Paula Daly writes beautifully realistic scenarios and creates some gorgeous humour. This is one not to be missed.

My review: The Mistake I Made

7. Normal – Graeme Cameron


Normal is one of those books that everyone was talking about. We all adored it and it is easy to see why. Graeme Cameron has created a serial killer to fall in love with. He combines humour with crime and create an immoral character, who is completely wonderful.

My review: Normal

8. Silent Scream – Angela Marsons


It is impossible to ignore the phenomena that is Angela Marsons this year. She has taken the world of crime and made it her own. It is always a pleasure to read about Kim Stone. I have chosen the first book Silent Scream. I could easily have picked any in the series. Here is to Angela Marsons, a huge talent!

My reviews are here: Lost Girls Evil Games and Silent Scream

9. A Game For All The Family – Sophie Hannah


Sophie Hannah always impresses me, with her twisted plots. In A Game For All The Family, she made my head hurt. This is my thanks to Sophie Hannah, for the book that caused the most bafflement this year.

My review is here: A Game For All The Family

10. Believe No One – A. D. Garrett

believe no one

A. D. Garrett rekindled my love for forensic crime, with Believe No One. With a couple of fantastic characters in Fennimore and Simms, plus gorgeous forensic descriptions and conversations, this quickly became a favourite with me. This is book two in the series, following on from the excellent Everyone Lies. A series not to be ignored.


My reviews: Believe No One and Everyone Lies

11. A Devil Under The Skin – Anya Lipska

Devil Under the Skin

This is a UK series that deserves to be more widely read and loved. For anyone who is new to Anya Lipska, she writes gritty London crime with a focus on the Polish community. Her books have a very up to date feeling about them and a wonderful pair of leads in Kiszka and Kershaw. My crush on Kiszka just grows with every book! A Devil Under The Skin is the third in the series.

My review is here: A Devil Under The Skin

12. Stasi Child – David Young

david young

Stasi Child is a mesmerising historical murder drama, set in Communist East Germany. I cannot praise this enough. David Young captures beautifully life in a very different enclosed society, where Stasi informers are everywhere. Do not miss this one!

My review: Stasi Child


Thank you for reading!





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  1. Steph says:

    I’ve read five of them and agree with you that they were brilliant. Really looking forward to reading the ones that I haven’t yet read.

  2. Uh-oh, more great books for me to discover. I can’t read fast enough!

  3. The Mistake I Made is one of my top 5 of the year. Brilliant.

  4. A while host of crime reading goodies for everyone here. Thanks for a great year of reviews Christine 🙂

  5. SnazzyBooks says:

    Ooh I’ve read a few of those but this post has given me so many more ideas for books to read next! Great stuff! Laura

  6. Really delighted to be on this list. Thanks so much! x

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