The Dying Place – Luca Veste


Published 23rd October 2014 by Avon

Once inside…there’s no way out

A fate worse than death…

DI Murphy and DS Rossi discover the body of known troublemaker Dean Hughes, dumped on the steps of St Mary’s Church in West Derby, Liverpool. His body is covered with the unmistakable marks of torture.

As they hunt for the killer, they discover a worrying pattern. Other teenagers, all young delinquents, have been disappearing without a trace.

Who is clearing the streets of Liverpool?

Where are the other missing boys being held?

And can Murphy and Rossi find them before they meet the same fate as Dean?

My thoughts

Luca Veste is going to be a massive name in crime fiction. You know when you read a debut novel and you get that feeling. Well I started The Dying Place and that feeling has gone up a notch or two. This is a superb crime drama, that taps into very real social concerns about young people and their fate in modern society.

The book takes us to a dark place and reminds of how society fails, on so many levels. Luca Veste gives us a very disturbing story, where we hear from all parties and get a real sense of injustice. I defy anyone not to feel for both the victims and the perpetrators, and to believe that this could really happen. The story starts with a young person found dead in a church yard. He is typical of many, having been in trouble with the law and having little in the way of direction in life. A kind of sadistic social cleansing is taking place in Liverpool, with young people being targeted. We follow Rossi and Murphy as they start to piece together, what is going on in their patch.

There is an intelligence to the writing and the Sociology. More Sociology, please writers of crime fiction. I love it! I could see Veste setting up the debate. Are the boys in the gangs bad, or a product of their environment? The nature/nurture debate. This is pretty familiar stuff. And how should we treat low level persistent offending that hurts our communities? The young people that scare, hurt or alarm others in society obviously are a social problem. What should we do about young people, who have little money and not much to do? It is very easy to understand why people might take this matter into their own hands and want justice for unpunished crimes. There is a blurring of the morality here, with no quick solution.

As for Rossi and Murphy, they seem to be going from strength to strength. I enjoy their pairing. I’m not so sure about Murphy’s wife and Ross’s co-dependency on her family. Sorry Luca. I do love the dynamics between the two leads. They really complement each other.

I’m sorry it took so long to get to this book. It was a pleasure to read. I cannot wait to get my hands on book three and see what is in store next for our duo. It’s such an excellent crime series; intelligent, Sociological and gory. I do appreciate a bit of gore. Recommended!


Don’t miss out on this series!

The Dying Place can be found here on Amazon and the first book Dead Gone, a snip at 99p, is here





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  1. I’ve been seeing Luca Veste’s name popping up everywhere lately! Sounds like a good one.

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