The Blackhouse – Peter May

the blackhouse peter may

Published by Quercus on 1 September 2011

Detective Fin Macleod is dragged back to his childhood home on the beautiful and remote Isle of Lewis, just off the west coast of Scotland.

There has been a murder and he knows that the answers to who committed the brutal killing will be found deep within the close-knit local community.

A community he grew up with.

Old skeletons begin to resurface, old relationships are re-awakened and then the demons of Inspector Macleod’s past begin to turn on him.

My thoughts

I am slightly late (ahem!) in discovering The Lewis Trilogy, to my shame. This is the first book in the series following Fin Macleod, set in the north of Scotland. It is a murder mystery, as much as it is a human interest story. Fin’s past is as absorbing, as the hunt for the killer.

Fin Macleod goes back to the Isle of Lewis, when a murder there bears a striking similarity to his current case in Edinburgh. Fin is forced to confront the many people he left behind and to face memories. We follow the present day murder case, with Fin’s police investigation and also his early years as a child on the island.

This is not your typical murder mystery. It feels like a character study, of a place and a man. The is the story of Fin Macleod and his upbringing on the very traditional island of Lewis. The landscape of Lewis is a harsh one, rural and close knit. The domination of the Protestant church is surprising and all encompassing. Sundays were days for going to church and shops were shut. It is easy to understand why the young would want to challenge this or escape to the Scottish mainland cities at eighteen.

I really am looking forward to discovering the rest of the trilogy. The ending was eye opening, with its revelations. I want to know where it all leads Fin next. This is the kind of book that makes you want to pack a suitcase and discover Lewis for yourself. Clever and rather bleak!



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