Goodbye Spider: Hello Subject 375

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***Important Announcement***

Nikki Owen has just announced that ‘The Spider In the Corner of the Room‘ has been renamed. It is now called ‘Subject 375‘, in line with the foreign language versions.

Why would an author change the name of a successful thriller?

This is what Nikki has to say about it:

“I was on a library tour and the response to Spider as a story was amazing – the reaction to the cover was different. Everyone loved it, but as one reader put it, ‘The cover confused as to the genre.’ The same message was coming across from more & more readers and so, the publisher and I, we sat down and decided to go with the flow. It was time for a change. Hence the birth of Subject 375 – new title, new cover. And I love it. Right smack bang in the middle of the thriller genre. Fingers crossed.”

I loved The Spider in the Corner of the Room Subject 375 and its intriguing lead, Maria. I am massively looking forward to the next part of the trilogy. Is it out soon?

Here is a little bit more info about the book:

What to believe

Who to betray

When to run…

Plastic surgeon Dr Maria Martinez has Asperger’s. Convicted of killing a priest, she is alone, in prison and has no memory of the murder.

DNA evidence places Maria at the scene of the crime, yet she claims she’s innocent. Then she starts to remember…

A strange room. Strange people. Being watched.

As Maria gets closer to the truth she is drawn into a web of international intrigue and must fight not only to clear her name but to remain alive.

As addictive as the Bourne novels, with a protagonist as original as The Bridge’s Saga Norén.

Part one of The Project trilogy

This is what I wrote, after reading The Spider in the Corner of the Room Subject 375 earlier in the year!

My review of Subject 375

Subject 375 is a thriller with a touch of Bourne and one highly addictive and intelligent female lead in Maria. There are secrets, lies and conspiracies packed into this exciting read. Plenty to hook a thriller addict.

Maria is in prison convicted of murder. However she cannot seem to remember the details of murder. She is unique in that she has Aspergers, which makes it an incredible ordeal for her. Everything is a challenge causing anxiety and stress, from the guards making simple requests to the new noises and lack of routine. We get insight into her, as the narrative jumps between Maria and her conversations with prison psychologists and flashbacks. At times this feels a little incoherent and it echoes Maria’s feelings of being stuck in an alien landscape. Gradually we get a sense of what is really going on.

What was clever was the construction of Maria, as an authentic character. I could believe in her Aspergers and how this gave her a unique way of seeing prison and her fellow inmates. I loved her bluntness and lack of social skills. The pace of the story was slow initially, but that gave plenty of time to explore the world through the eyes of Maria. Then the pace picked up and like Maria, I was left wondering what to believe and who to trust.

Maria is one of those characters that you cannot help but reflect on, afterwards. I wonder where the next books will take her. I cannot wait to see. An excellent read.


Subject 375 can be found on Amazon here

And Nikki Owen is on Twitter to say hello to:


PS If I accidentally call Subject 375 ‘The Spider in the Corner of the Room’, please forgive me. I have a soft spot for the old title.

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