Choked – Tania Carver


Published 13 September 2012 by Sphere

he honeymoon is over for newlywed criminologist Marina Esposito. Her house is in flames. Her cop husband is in a coma. Her baby daughter is missing. And then her phone rings . . .

The voice on the other end wants to play a game. If Marina completes a series of bizarre tasks within three days, she wins her daughter’s life. If she fails, her little girl dies. The clock starts now.

In a desperate race against time, Marina begins to suspect that the madman is someone she knows – someone with a past as troubled as her own. But the truth is far darker than she imagines . . .

Perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter and Tess Gerritsen, the twisting, terrifying new thriller from the bestselling author of Cage of Bones will leave you breathless with suspense.

My thoughts

Tania Carver’s Choked is number four in the series.  It brings to the forefront Marina Esposito, criminologist and mum. Her now husband, Phil Brennan manages to be unconscious for most of the book.

Brennan and Esposito are married and holidaying with family. An explosion leads to one death and their young daughter, Josie, going missing. Esposito is soon being blackmailed, by a voice at the end of her phone. She becomes more desperate to find her daughter and the people holding her.

I rather felt for Stuart, a man released from prison with his strange behaviours and fondness for Josie. He is one of a range of characters, associated with the kidnapping. The baddies kept my attention in spite of their cartoon like behaviour at times. The kidnap drama was the strongest element of the story. Overall this is the weakest of the series to date.

Worth a read for the character development of Marina and the kidnapping. Not so good if you are fond of dogs. I won’t say what happens. I’m moving onto book five and hoping that Brennan is fully recovered and can participate fully. We need him back. I do recommend reading all of these books in sequence. It is masses of fun.


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8 Responses to Choked – Tania Carver

  1. crimeworm says:

    Gosh you’re absolutely racing through this series. Makes me tempted to try one – it would be the first one, of course…!

  2. Christine says:

    I’m almost at the end of Book 5. You really should and see how you get on with them!

    • crimeworm says:

      I’ll probably be doing the Double Dog Dare for the first three months of 2016, and the way I do it is I try not to buy any new books in that time (ARCs are ok though!) And you know how there are lots of series that started before we began blogging, and we’ve maybe missed early books? Well I thought I’d start using our library more, and this is the sort of series where I could get the first one out of the library (then probably all the rest!) I read they do one-on-one computer lessons up there too, so if they would help me get more tech-savvy for my blog that would help. You’re usually a pretty good judge of what I like. I loved that Peter James You Are Dead. I read his first book, but I just felt at the time I couldn’t cope with another series. Same with Peter Robinson – I quite enjoy his books but I can’t read everything. They’re set in Yorkshire – do you like them?

      • Christine says:

        I remember you doing the Double Dog Dare last year. Good luck with the not buying anything for a while. So tempting. I am trying to catch up on a few series, that I’ve heard people raving about. Good idea to use your library…. I knew you would love that Peter James. He is such a great author and he describes Brighton so perfectly. Maybe in time, you will catch up. It is hard to keep up with series. I’ve not actually read a Peter Robinson. Seen them, but not read them!

  3. crimeworm says:

    I just checked – there’s seven books in this series so far, with the eighth due in the next few months. Have you been reading these one after the other, nothing in between?!

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