Truth or Dare – Tania Carver

truth or dare

Published 25th September 2014 by Sphere

Darren Richards opened his eyes to find himself duct-taped to a chair with a crossbow pointing at him. Behind the crossbow is a hooded figure wearing a black-faced, round-eyed gas mask. The figure tells him what Darren knows: that he stole a car, drove it recklessly while under the influence of drugs and killed a woman and her baby. His solicitor managed to get the case thrown out of court on a technicality so he has not paid for his crime. That, says the figure, cannot be allowed to happen.

Darren turns to his right. Next to him are his girlfriend and their baby daughter. Both similarly taped to a chair, gagged. It’s very simple, explains the figure. Either you die or your girlfriend and child die. But someone has to pay. A life for a life. The choice is Darren’s…

Truth or Dare is the sixth page-turning thriller in the internationally bestselling Brennan & Esposito series. You won’t be able to put it down.

My thoughts

Tania Carver has done it again. A brutal, gory tale, that kept me on my toes. The Birmingham setting has definitely brought a wonderful new lease of life to the series and has made it a favourite with me. Truth or Dare is book six in the series.

We get a lovely opening scene, where a man is shown at the mercy of his captor. Darren Richards has to choose whether he lives or dies. A psychopathic individual playing judge and jury. Darren is no innocent, having taken the life of a mother and a baby and not really having a great deal of interest in the pain he caused. This is our introduction to the self styled, Lawgiver. A man who is soon taunting Phil Brennan and trying to play a game.

Marina is back, working at the university and helping out in Colchester. Fiona Welch reappears bringing all sorts of death and chaos, in her path. I can’t help but enjoy her encounters with Marina. Fiona is completely deluded and sociopathic. She is a menace. I hope we meet her again.

This series has so much going for it, with Brennan and his team and the strong psychological element with Marina. Truth or Dare and The Doll’s House are my absolute favourites, to date.



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