The Disciple – Steven Dunne


Published 19 August 2010 by Avon

DI Brook thought the nightmare was over- but the Reaper has left behind a horrifying legacy…

A nail-shredding thriller for fans of Stuart MacBride and Thomas Harris.

When an accidental drowning is found to be murder, Brook’s past relationship with the victim makes him the prime suspect. A fact made worse when he receives a chilling message urging him to continue the work of the serial killer The Reaper, the deranged vigilante who had previously terrorised the UK.

When a copycat murder on a Derby estate surfaces shortly afterwards, Brook is left with no alternative but to reopen the case- and to find a serial killer he knows is already dead.

But as Brook delves deeper, he unearths the secrets behind a series of savage murders stretching back to 1975. Terrifyingly, it seems that The Reaper’s influence has inspired a new band of willing disciples…

A nail-shredding thriller for fans of Stuart MacBride and Thomas Harris.

Book 1 The Reaper is reviewed here

My thoughts

The Disciple must be read immediately after The Reaper to get the full wonderful impact. Our villainous Reaper is back. Oh yes! This feels like part two of The Reaper, rather than a sequel. It is simply AMAZING.

The story is set in Brighton, Derby and in the USA. A body is found on Brighton beach, connected to the Damen Brook. This brings the police up north, to investigate Damen.

In Derby, the Reaper has returned bringing death to those undeserving and damaging society. The Reaper is a very modern day vigilante. Brook knows the truth about the Reaper. And we too know the truth about the Reaper. Ironically Brook is deemed a failure by his peers and the vocal media for failing to capture the Reaper, two years ago. It makes him even more unpopular. The Reaper is dead, so who is copying his crimes?

We go to 1995 California, where the FBI are investigating strange happenings on a stretch of road. How is this connected to the Reaper killings?

It is with masses of excitement that I got to The Disciple. We got to know the Reaper very well in book one. But this story adds so much more to the background of our evil and clever villain. I loved what Steven Dunne did, filling in the blanks. And it was fun to see Damen, with his maverick streak under suspicion of murder. I love the way Damen is prepared to bend the rules.

Thanks so much, Steven Dunne for two terrific reads in The Reaper and The Disciple. These are the perfect reads to hibernate with this winter. I recommend reading them both, one after the other.

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  1. I read one of Dunne’s book a while back so know how much of a page turner they can be. I love the idea of a crime novel set in Derby too, for some odd reason (no ties to the place).

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  3. crimeworm says:

    Brighton + serial killer = perfect for Christine! I like these books where they think a murderer’s dead and then similar murders occur – copycat? An accomplice? Is he still alive? They’re great. The TV show The Happening had a similar idea, and I loved that! Are you planning a new career as, er, a serial killer – as you’re doing an awful lot of research?! 😉

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