Deity – Steven Dunne


Published 21 June 2012 by Headline

A brilliant serial killer thriller from a hugely talented British author to rival the best from Mark Billingham, Peter James and Peter Robinson.

When four Derby College students are reported missing, few in Derby CID, least of all DI Damen Brook, pay much attention. But then a film on the internet is discovered purporting to show the students committing mass suicide. If it’s real, why did they kill themselves when they had such bright futures ahead of them? If the suicides are faked, why the set up and where are the students? And if they’re dead and have been murdered, who on earth could have planned such a bizarre and tragic end to their promising lives? Combining intricate forensics with meticulous detection and the warped psychology of a psychopath, DEITY is a serial killer thriller of the highest order to rival the very best of Mark Billingham, Peter James and Peter Robinson.

My reviews of Book 1 The Reaper and Book 2 The DiscipleThe Reaper and The Disciple

My thoughts

I’ve reached the third in the Damen Brook series, written by the talented Steven Dunne. This is turning into a great series, with a lead to rival the likes of Roy Grace and Tom Thorne. The first two books concentrated on ‘The Reaper’ and his legacy. We now get something completely new for our Damen to get his teeth into.

Damen Brook returns, with his colleague Noble. He has two cases to deal with. Someone is targetting vulnerable homeless people and murdering them in rather a brutal fashion. They are missing organs from their bodies. Only Brook seems to notice and care. At the same time, we follow a small group of young people as they attend A Level Media Studies classes at the local college. These students disappear, seemingly inspired by hopes of media fame and glory. Have these young people committed suicide? What has happened to the homeless people?

It was a gripping and intriguing read, with Brook making progress in his personal life as well as professionally. It was interesting to see him interact with his now grown up daughter. We haven’t seen a great deal of her before. Brook is taking the advice of his now friend, Noble and making an attempt to be sociable with his colleagues. It amused me. Brook is a classic outsider and has rather poor social skills. I don’t really want him to change too much. I love the psychology played out here. We really get to know all of the players, from the young people and their thoughts to Brook and his perspective.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on the next book in the series. Top notch crime from Steven Brook. I am impressed.




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3 Responses to Deity – Steven Dunne

  1. crimeworm says:

    Is the next one out yet?

  2. Christine says:

    I’m just about to start book four. Then I’ve read them all! Hooray

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