Missing in Malmo – Torquil MacLeod

missing in malmo

Published by McNidder and Grace Crime 10 December 2015

When a British heir hunter fails to return home after a trip to Malmö, Inspector Anita Sundström doesn’t want to get entangled in a simple missing person’s case. She shows a similar reluctance when her ex-husband begs her to find his girlfriend, who seems to have disappeared. But when the mysteries take a sinister turn, Sundström finds herself inextricably involved in both baffling affairs, one of which seems to be connected to a robbery that took place twenty years earlier. As the cases begin to unravel, tragedy awaits the investigating team in the third Anita Sundström Malmö mystery.

My thanks to McNidder and Grace for my review copy!

My reviews of Murder in Malmo and Meet Me in Malmo – the first two books in this series!

My thoughts

Opening a new Anita Sundstrom book is such a treat. I suddenly remembered everything Anita had been through, with her unusual relationship and how much I enjoyed getting to know her. With this series, you need to know the background to fully appreciate the books. Missing in Malmo is the third outing for Anita Sundstrom and it is even more brilliant, than the first two.

The story is about missing people, a teacher connected to Anita’s ex-husband and the other being a British man on the trail of a heir in Sweden. Anita has her own worries with a son who is a bit heart-broken and a love life that is different. Suddenly missing people are being found dead and things are much more complicated than they seemed originally. Anita ends up back in the UK, trying to work out what the heir hunter was doing in Sweden. And her ex-husband seems to be the prime suspect in a murder of a young woman. Who killed the British heir hunter and why?

This is one of those books that is completely heart-breaking, for the reader as well as Anita. I can’t say more than that. Only one or two things happen that jolt the reader, with their unexpectedness. Anita solves the crimes and gets her man/woman. It does end up being a tough old time emotionally for her. I felt for her raw pain, as she has to try and put it to one side. The beauty of this series is the characters, including that of Sweden. I love the way we know Anita and understand her, as well as her colleagues.

Missing in Malmo was a pleasure to read. A great and emotional story. I was thoroughly entertained, from the first sentence and left in shock by the revelations. Torquil MacLeod somehow manages to make Sweden come alive and be very accessible. His little touches of Britishness from the perspective of Swedish Anita are lots of fun. I smiled when Anita commented on the amount of alcohol we have in British supermarkets, compared to Sweden. And they added much needed lightness to the story. I enjoyed the heir hunting for relatives and the building of family trees.

Wonderful. More adventures from Malmo please, Mr MacLeod. I need to know what happens next to Anita!


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