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Published by Avon on 28th January 2016

The master bestseller is back with the most thrilling, shocking and UTTERLY COMPELLING Ben Hope adventure yet!




All Ben Hope wanted was a quiet drink in a peaceful Spanish bar. What he got instead was the kind of trouble that only a man like him can handle.

Raul Fuentes can’t accept that his sister, Catalina, took her own life. Ben isn’t convinced, but ghosts from his own past compel him to help Raul discover the truth.

What connects Catalina’s apparent suicide to the suspicious fate of three of her fellow scientists? And why do a gang of professional killers follow Ben and Raul wherever they go?

Ben will soon discover the terrible truth, a fraudulent conspiracy to dupe all of humankind. And those responsible will soon find out they’ve met their match.


Welcome to my day on The Cassandra Sanction Blog Tour.

I am always happy to discover a new delicious action thriller series to fall in love with. This one introduced me to Ben Hope, a man you really want on your side. For all of you lovers of Bourne and Bond out there, Ben Hope is one man you have to meet.

My thoughts

Did I ever mention that I LOVE action packed thrillers? Well I do. Massively. I grew up with James Bond on the screen. I have such a soft spot for a tough bright guy who can save the day. Well The Cassandra Sanction is just that; a wonderful, action loaded thriller with a witty and lovely lead in Ben Hope. This is the latest in the successful Ben Hope series by author, Scott Mariani and I am well and truly hooked.

The story takes us to Spain, where Ben meets and saves the life of a grieving Raul. Raul’s sister has died in suspicious circumstances. She apparently has committed suicide. Raul is sure that his twin is still alive. He recruits Ben to search for the truth and this takes them on a journey across Europe. What was Catalina involved in? And why are armed killers following Ben and Raul? Slowly Ben and Raul piece together what is actually going on. With conspiracy theories a plenty, a smattering of science and killers chasing after our heroic Ben across Europe, The Cassandra Sanction does not let up. Total excitement!

Ben Hope has a new fan in me. He is the classic good hero fighting evil. The Cassandra Sanction is amazingly his twelfth adventure. There is something wonderful about him. I don’t know his history, or much of it. This book works brilliantly as a standalone and to introduce the series to new readers. I will definitely be getting my hands on the earlier books and getting to know Ben that little bit better.

If you are a fan of chases, heart thumping action, a brilliant storyline and some compelling well drawn characters, then you won’t be able to put this down. The conspiracy behind it all has a very real feel about it. I could imagine it being true. I love a good conspiracy theory.

The Cassandra Sanction is completely recommended. If you haven’t met Ben before, you are missing so much! Get it now!


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    All Scott’s Ben Hope series are great reads! I’ve read the lot, every one enjoyable 7 well conceived

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    and not 7!!!

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