Jonathan Dark or The Evidence of Ghosts – An EXCLUSIVE interview with Jack the Ripper


It is a pleasure to welcome the brilliant A. K. Benedict with a guest post, or to be precise the ghost of Jack the Ripper.

Jonathan Dark or The Evidence of Ghosts was published this week by Orion and is available from all good bookshops.

I was particularly spell bound by the world created by A. K. Benedict. Benedict imagines a world where the dead become ghosts and walk amongst us. Only a few of the living can see the ghosts and communicate with them. Slightly unnerving concept isn’t it? Imagine one of these ghosts is Jack the Ripper … *shudders*

Ghost of Jack the Ripper press conference

(Questions from Patrick Booth)


The door opens. The heightened chatter of the pressroom is replaced by an uneasy hush.

‘Ladies and gentlemen: the ghost of Jack the Ripper!’ Sandra, his Press Officer announces. She

A muted round of applause fades to silence. The ghost of Jack the Ripper walks onto the stage and sits down on the chair. He scans the room, smiles once. He crosses his long legs and checks the clock on the wall.

Only three people can see him. The others stare at the chair. A camera flashes, hopefully. His laugh has a sneer running through it. The journalists in the front row recoil as if, on some level, they can hear him.

‘Your first question please,’ says Sandra. ‘You only have five remember, make them count.’


Why did you target prostitutes and did you select your victims or pick them at random?’

I didn’t choose them. They came to me. They thought I was an easy target. They were wrong. Next question.


If you were alive today which part of London would you carry out your murders in?’

London is now a very different place to the one in which I learned my craft, my art. The warrens of the 1880s have been replaced, gentrified, and it would be very difficult to carry out my work in the same way. Not impossible, of course. Very little is impossible, even without a body. But where is the joy in repeating oneself? That only leads to mediocrity. I realise that this does not answer your question. I am not going to. Why would I? I may use those places at some point, last thing I want is you lot there. You are not very attractive en masse, did you know that? Of course you did: you loathe yourselves. Quite right too.


Who would play you in a film?’

Michael Fassbender could give it a try, I suppose.


Are there any later serial killers who you particularly admire?’

Only the ones that you do not know about. The others were all caught and that is not acceptable: they are not permitted in the SSKS. The Spectral Serial Killers Society requires that you were never charged with your crime.


‘One more question,’ Sandra says. Jack runs his tongue over his lower lip.


Why did you stop?

Who said I stopped?

Is that the lot, Sandra? Well, then. Looks like it’s down to the specially selected one-on-one interviews. I’ve chosen somewhere very special. Which one of you would like to go with me first?


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