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I am happy to present my review of a rather fun Scottish 1980s novel by the amazing Orenda books. It is the follow up to The Last Days of Disco, that had me humming 1980s music and loving Fat Frannie, the local gangster.

Here is the book description. Sounds great doesn’t it?

The Rise and Fall of the Miraculous Vespas is the timeless story of the quest for pop immortality. When a young Ayrshire band miraculously hits the big time with the smash hit record of 1984, international stardom beckons. That’s despite having a delusional teenage manager guided by malevolent voices… Can Max Mojo’s band of talented band of social misfits repeat their success and pay back an increasingly agitated cartel of local gangsters? Or will they have to kidnap Boy George and hope for the best? Features much loved characters from The Last Days of Disco.

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My thoughts on ‘The Rise and Fall of the Miraculous Vespas’

Last year, I chuckled away reading The Last Days of Disco, by David F Ross. It’s a joy to get my hands on the follow up book The Rise and Fall of the Miraculous Vespas. Sometimes you need a lighter read, with plenty of laughter and a fabulous 1980s soundtrack. This book can easily read as a standalone. You don’t really need to know what happened in The Last Days of Disco to truly appreciate this.

Vespas is the story of a colourful and quirky Scottish teenage band, as they aim for success. We follow young Max Mojo, through the trials and tribulations of forming a band, the tours and the release of their single! Of course, we get the return of Fat Franny, the lovable shady gangster from The Last Days of Disco and more of the criminal element in Kilmarnock.

What I absolutely adore about this book is the accuracy of the 1980s vibe. I was young in 1982, but I remember it all. It was a time before the internet and mobile phones. I was hooked on Peter Davison in Doctor Who, books and Top of the Pops. There are just so many references to this time and they all made me smile. Masses of music and cultural references, that are fabulous. I guarantee most of the readers will be checking out their 1980s music and having a sing-along.

One of my favourite scenes is the wonderful encounter between Max Mojo and Boy George. Ross is a genius with these comic moments and creating the perfect nostalgic read.

I was very drawn to Max Mojo. There is an almost innocent endearing quality to him. He wants immortality through the Vespas, not fame and fortune. Isn’t that lovely? He started off life as a dull Dale Wishart and had a personality change following a bang on his head. This makes him erratic and prone to mood changes. My heart went out to him.

Gosh! What more can I say? I think David F. Ross is a great talent. Anyone who can teach me colloquial sweary Scottish, make me laugh and give me a great story about something I never thought would interest me, gets the thumbs up.



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