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Today I am joining in the celebration of the re-release of Jane Isaac’s An Unfamiliar Murder.

I read An Unfamiliar Murder a few years ago. It was re-released on 1st March 2016. I’m a big fan of Jane Isaac’s work. She has three books out now and they are all brilliant! Jane is such a talent and should be more widely read. I encourage you all to hunt down her books.

This is the description. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

Arriving home from a routine day at work, Anna Cottrell has no idea that her life is about to change forever. But discovering the stabbed body of a stranger in her flat, then becoming prime suspect in a murder inquiry is only the beginning. Her persistent claims of innocence start to crumble when new evidence links her irrevocably with the victim…

This is my original review from March 2014:

Wow!!! Jane Isaac’s first crime novel takes my breath away! It is just that excellent a read; beautifully and confidently written and impossible to put down once you start.

I love the start of the book. It pulls you into the mystery and introduces a strong female lead in Anna. Anna Cottrell comes home after work, to find a dead body in her flat. She is suddenly behind bars, questioned by the police and totally bewildered by events. The world, as she knew it, is about to change. For Anna’s life has been shrouded in secrets and they are all about to be revealed.

The investigation into the murder is led by DCI Helen Lavery. She is a widow with two teenagers, living with her mum. She is a great character, with an inner strength and intelligence and a match for anyone who seeks to undermine her. This is her first case and I hope we have many more to come.

A compelling read from a talented new author. Absolutely recommended!

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  1. Kay says:

    I have a copy of this book on my Kindle that I bought last year. Haven’t read it yet, but your post makes me want to run pick it up and start. I like that cover – very spooky looking.

  2. This does sound fantastic and the cover is perfection.

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