Dead Meat – Ankush Saikia


Published by Penguin on 5th February 2015

A chopped-up body recovered from a tandoor oven A quiet young accountant missing with a suitcase full of cash Match-fixing and illegal betting in a city in the grip of T20 ever
A lonely detective with a conscience …
Private eye Arjun Arora works the streets of Delhi dealing with the shady underbelly of the capital city. Hired to track down a missing person, Arjun stumbles upon a gruesome murder where the suspects seem to be linked to something larger and more sinister.
Part noir thriller and part detective story, Dead Meat introduces us to an unforgettable character-Arjun Arora, a man with a troubled past-who takes us on a dark and
memorable journey through the greed and grime of today’s urban India.

My thoughts

Dead Meat by Ankush Saikia takes you to the beautiful culturally diverse world of Delhi, India. This is a Indian detective novel, with a modern urban location, a grizzly murder and a rather likeable lead in Arjun Arora.

A man has been murdered, cut up with a cleaver and placed in a tandoor oven. This is a pot like oven, for any of you puzzled by the term. This murder has shocked the whole of Delhi and beyond. Arjun Arora is asked to trace a missing man, who disappeared with a suitcase of money. Are these two things connected? We follow the twists and turns of his investigation; through corruption, the poverty and posh bits of Delhi, the cricket and the occasional beating up of our hero.

I was very drawn to Arjun, our wounded detective. He is a very modern man, with a background in the army and a determination to find the truth. I was impressed with his cooking abilities, as much as his investigating skills! He gets himself into trouble and its very endearing.

I loved getting insight into the culture of India. We get a real vivid sense of the overwhelming heat, the effect of globalisation on Delhi, the mix of rich and poor and the taste and texture of an amazing city. I smiled reading about Arjun cooking traditional Indian meals one minute and Spaghetti the next. I seriously want to hop on a plane and see for myself the locations.

One for you if you fancy a bit of dark Indian crime, with an insight into life in Delhi and an extremely engaging story!


My thanks to the author for sending me a copy of his novel, all the way from India!

Dead Meat is available in the UK Amazon UK



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