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Hello and welcome to my day on the Journey to Death Blog Tour *screams*

Journey to Death is available now from Thomas and Mercer and is a tropical mystery introducing Lucy Hall. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

Lucy Hall arrives in the Seychelles determined to leave her worries behind. The tropical paradise looks sun-soaked and picture-perfect—but as Lucy soon discovers, appearances can be very deceptive. A deadly secret lurks in the island’s history, buried deep but not forgotten. And it is about to come to light.

As black clouds begin to gather over what promised to be a relaxing family break, Lucy realises that her father stands in the eye of the coming storm. A shadow from his past is threatening to destroy all that he holds dear—including the lives of his loved ones.

A dark truth is about to explode into their lives, and that truth is going to hit them right between the eyes.

I’m very happy to welcome Leigh Russell to the Blog, to share her thoughts on the appeal of crime fiction. Lets face it, crime fiction is adored by millions of us all over the world. I have often wondered what draws us to it.

The Appeal of Crime Fiction

On the face of it, the appeal of crime fiction is a strange phenomenon. Readers who appear to be perfectly ordinary pleasant people, frequently tell me they ‘love a good murder’. Booksellers and librarians, all helpful civilised people, display signs saying ‘We love crime’. Anyone who had failed to grasp the concept of fiction might well be disturbed. But there’s no need to scratch far below the surface to uncover several reasons for the popularity of crime fiction.

All books raise questions in the reader’s mind. We read on to find the answers to those questions. Whether we are reading to find out how the romantic couple finally resolve their differences and fall into each other’s arms, or to discover the identity of a killer, or to see if the protagonist will eventually find contentment, there is an overarching question in any work of fiction that drives the narrative forward, and keeps the reader turning the pages.

In a crime novel the questions are possibly more urgent than in any other genre. The villains not only threaten other characters’ happiness, but their actual lives. So crime fiction portrays the conflict between good and evil more starkly than any other genre. But since it’s fiction, we are reassured to know that however dark the story, by the end of it some sort of moral order will be restored.

Most crime novels have more to offer than simple accounts of terrible deeds and their resolution. They also examine issues of morality and conduct, and expose aspects of human nature, some of which make us feel uneasy, while others we find comforting. And many crime novels spill out into other genres, making them difficult to pigeonhole.

Journey to Death is a crime novel, and at times it becomes fairly dark. If it is mainly a crime novel, it is also a love story, and an adventure, and a narrative about a young woman growing into adulthood. All this is set against the exotic background of the beautiful island of Mahé in the Seychelles. “Russell evokes the exotic locale beautifully, but readers will be in the grip of the suspenseful story, too, even as they feel the island heat and smell the flowers.” (Booklist) So there is an additional layer of local colour in the book, against which disturbing events unfold.

Whether novels fall neatly into the category of crime fiction, like my police procedural series, or stray beyond its traditional parameters, like Journey to Death, all my books contain a strong element of crime fiction. That, more than anything else, may be what keeps my readers turning the pages.

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  1. Kay says:

    I love this piece about crime fiction. Yes, we read it for all the things listed and for all the reasons. I think for me – mostly good vs evil and good wins or justice prevails or the bad guy gets caught. And my husband always tells me that I’m in much better mood when I’ve read a ‘lovely murder mystery’ – LOL!

  2. Inge says:

    I still have to read the first book from this new author to me but it is definitely on my TR-list

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