Case 48: The Kidnapping of Isaiah Rae – Emma Kavanagh


Published by Cornerstone Digital on 10 March 2016

A free digital short story from the author of Falling and Hidden.

Featuring Selena and Ed Cole, from Emma Kavanagh’s new novel The Missing Hours out April 2016.

When Elliot, the son of an electronics corporation CEO, is kidnapped and held for ransom, Selena and Ed are brought in to act as liasons. To make sure things run smoothly. To make sure Elliot comes home.

But when Selena discovers that Elliot’s biological mother was recently released from prison, things soon become more complicated, and more deadly, than they can possibly imagine …

My thoughts

As we wait impatiently for the new Emma Kavanagh novel The Missing Hours to be released, here is a fabulous short story. We get introduced to Dr Selena Cole and her husband Ed and watch them on a case.

A British girl is working an au pair to a wealthy American couple and their young son, Isaiah. Isaiah and  Carmen, his au pair, are kidnapped and a ransom demand is given. Selena and Ed are recruited as intermediaries between the police and the company owned by Ed and their insurers. They are determined to work out the truth behind the kidnapping and get Isaiah and Carmen back.

I loved getting to know Selena and Ed. Selena, in particularly, stood out as being the sort of person you instinctively want to know more about. I loved seeing her mind work. We see her checking out Carmen’s laptop and questioning those who know Isaiah and Carmen.

This was an excellent and cleverly plotted little read, which gives you a taste of a key character coming up in The Missing Hours. I am now very excited about meeting Selena Cole again!


Case 48: The Kidnapping of Isaiah Rae is available now on Amazon UK and is FREE here

The Missing Hours, featuring Selena Cole, is out in April 2016.

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3 Responses to Case 48: The Kidnapping of Isaiah Rae – Emma Kavanagh

  1. Would love to read this free book, unfortunately I don’t have a UK address. It’s not fair :-(.

  2. crimeworm says:

    That’s a shame – but you can alter your country for people who travel a lot, or are on holiday! I’ve not read The Missing Hours yet, but thanks for giving us the heads up on this free short story, Christine!

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