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This week, we are cheering and celebrating the world of Charlie Parker. The Charlie Parker series by John Connolly is now at book fourteen.The latest instalment Time of Torment is published on 7th April 2016 by Hodder.

Readers are invited on a journey, that started with Liz of Liz Loves Books. Yesterday Liz featured the Mythology of Charlie Parker that has developed over the course of the series. Today we are looking at its very popular anti-heroes.

Louis and Angel – Anti heroes

Where you find Charlie Parker you more often than not find Louis and Angel – sidekicks, bodyguards, good friends, call them what you will, they define this series in a way that is intangible and innate. Charlie without them would be less than, not quite what he is. For that reason and many more they are a mainstay of the novels and two really quite incredible characters.

Louis is a killer, an assassin, but with a very strong moral code. Angel is a thief and a deep thinker who challenges Louis to be a better man. As a couple, for me, they are the very definition of what love is – two people, so very different from each other who each see in the other something beyond the surface. That which will keep them together through it all.

They also call Charlie a friend but it goes much deeper than that. The group dynamic that grows between them over the course of the now 14 books ebbs and flows and grows deeper with each passing story. No matter what they will stay at his side, even if they don’t agree, even as the events and the man himself grow darker. Like the killers they will track and destroy, they are drawn to him in ways that cannot be defined. This relationship has a huge impact on the storytelling as a whole – a part of it which is it hard to imagine now being without.

They are not good guys. Nor are they bad. In this as in all things the lines blur, the grey areas are where this author lives. You will find Louis there for sure, he kills without compunction but now only for very specific reasons. Angel had to toughen up to survive – his backstory is particularly emotional but I’ll leave you to discover that for yourselves. In book 7 they get their own spotlight. “The Reapers” finds them in hot water, with Charlie on the way to the rescue but coming slowly, this tale gave the author a chance to delve deep into these two, to allow us to see them out of Charlie’s immediate vortex. I loved this and hope it gets done again.

Here, with these two, you find the lighter moments. The dialogue between the three is often witty and hilarious, the sense of comfort they find in each other’s company shines through, I have had many laugh out loud moments, wry smiles and have often gone HA at the tenacity of the writing.

I love them. Everyone I know who reads about them loves them. I worry for them ALL the time. I hope that they will be around for a good few years yet.

Article written by Liz of Liz Loves Books

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  1. I’ve read an old John Connelly many years ago but nothing recently. I’d need to start from the beginning if I read them now and that’s a lot of books!

  2. Kerry Hood says:

    You don’t really need to start from the beginning … pick up The Lovers and start from there!

    • Diane says:

      I started with The Lovers then went straight on to Book 1! I’m a bit behind because I have just finished Wrath of Angels. Love the books!

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